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Planet Daaz in system Uwaa (MDA399)

  Joonkz     Saaz   Zaaz  


Evolved life got its foot hold here first then moved to #3 Saaz & #4 Zaaz.

The majority of this planets evolved history revolved around a lot of tribal groups. War was for territory mainly and was often very short. In that form of origination the planet was stuck in an evolutionary spiral. Many philosophers argued this point but the many tribes and there own ideas. Thousands of years went on with no progression. Tribal conflicts kept the planets population at a stand still evolution wise but also they stayed just on the precipice of great wonder and awe. It just took one tribe to actually work with another tribe in fields of discovery. At first these small groups worked in secret but very quickly revealed their many discoveries and gave proof of other possibilities. Soon other tribes form groups to investigate what was done so far and sought out to make their own discoveries. Unfortainly the tribal ways kept these groups from working together for greater effect but that soon was overcome. Once these great minds started to work together there was no stopping what happened next. People could not finish one concept before another was far better. Their ways of life were impacted greatly. Tribal leaders had to let go to the wishes of their people. Borders fell and new alliances made. Soon the whole planet was as one and all shared in its making. All the planets resources were used to better their living and quicken their progression. Many ideas and concepts were recycled before any one made it to reality. Communication and transportation became a bigger priority now. The people actually had reason to go beyond the borders of the tribes as odd as it was to them at first. Only two generation had to pass were the concept of tribal living was considered barbaric and unthinkable. During that time though was a rift of conflict as the people adjusted to this new way of living. Everyone was an individual now that had a part to play in the bigger picture. Special groups were form to help organize this awesome influx of ideas and concepts. Industries had to be invented to make these concepts a reality. Soon those industries had to be reinvented to handle the ever changing ideas and concepts. 400 years had to pass before things started to level off. At this point every intelligent being on the planet knew their place in it. None were poor and death came to all at some point. Some were better off than others but none wished they had more as a whole. The knowledge that the One made the More even better was enough. Everyone did their part. This is not to say that everyone was perfect in this way. Crime was not forever gone and not "everyone" went to the learning centers and invested in their industry of choice like the majority did.

This planet has 3 moons:
Daaz Bing (no information available yet)
Daaz Ding (no information available yet)
Daaz Fing (no information available yet)


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This solar system belongs to user 'crossax'.


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