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Planet Jhor Ho Vho in system Blood Axe (QAF815)

  Uthra Drah   Ath Qe   Pwela     Ghohmez   Vhalah   Lho Xar  

Jhor Ho Vho

Populated by the warrior race the Urh Vho who claimed this system and this world as their private game reserve. The two neighboring planets have both got primitive but savage life forms that are worthy of battle to test even a master hunters of the Urh Vho.

This game reserve is populated by many dangerous life forms from the core worlds. Only a selected few from other races are given the chance to hunt on this world for the opportunity of a life time.

Despite the low temperature of this world it does not bother the Urh Vho as their home world is not much warmer.

This planet has 26 moons:
QAF815.4.1 Small asteroid.
QAF815.4.2 Large asteroid.
Fire Blade Training camp for young Urh Vho warriors.
Sabarus Very small moon.
QAF815.4.5 Large asteroid.
Unbound Fury Training camp for the more experienced Urh Vho.
QAF815.4.7 Large asteroid.
QAF815.4.8 Very small moon.
QAF815.4.9 Large asteroid.
Moon of Courage Special training for the more advanced hunters.
QAF815.4.11 Small asteroid.
QAF815.4.12 Very small moon.
QAF815.4.13 Large asteroid.
QAF815.4.14 Small asteroid.
QAF815.4.15 Large asteroid.
QAF815.4.16 Large asteroid.
QAF815.4.17 Very small moon.
QAF815.4.18 Small asteroid.
QAF815.4.19 Small asteroid.
Hunters Dream Command moon.
QAF815.4.21 Small asteroid.
QAF815.4.22 Small asteroid.
Stoh Hal Very small moon.
Grah Vho Large asteroid.
QAF815.4.25 Large asteroid.
QAF815.4.26 Small asteroid.


Planetary Orbits


User 'dragonspice' updated this system october 14, 2012.
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