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Planet Giwagiopje in system Latinika (QFB325)

  Astas   Bestas   Centas     Dintos   Evinz  


Home of the Ekskwoulvite, a reptilian race of great strength and ferocity. Highly intelligent and advanced in technology they have saved their planet from the recent nova of their star. It had been known for a long time that the end was nigh and they developed an electromagnetic particle shield that would protect them from the blast. Each planet of the system was protected as they knew that after they would need large amounts of raw material to construct generation ships to save their race. Each planet is under a strip mining operation where possible to extract any usable material for the construction. Approximately 10,000 ships are being built to house the 1 billion inhabitants and equipment for the exodus. As smart as they are they never conceived the notion of faster then light travel so their ships will travel slowly between stars using ion propulsion. Each ship is to house two EMP shields and an array of highly potent particle weapons, gamma ray based lasers and cobalt nuclear missiles.
Their destination is a star they call Verestron, 554 light years distant.
Located at: https://galaxiki.org/star/?QHC967

An Ekskwoulvite:

This planet has 4 moons:
QFB325.4.1 (no information available yet)
QFB325.4.2 (no information available yet)
QFB325.4.3 (no information available yet)
QFB325.4.4 (no information available yet)


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