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Planet in system Menz (SDJ198)


red giant star

Menz I

Menz I is a small terrestrial planet, on an orbit about 39145*106 km from its star. Its' radius is 4902 km, its' mass is 942. One year on Menz I lasts 154 earth days, one day on Menz I lasts 12 earth hours. Its' average surface temperature is 701, and it has 2 moons.


Khalifa is a medium gas giant, on an orbit about 1631831*106 km from its star. Its' radius is 34994 km, its' mass is 342823. One year on Khalifa lasts 113 earth years, one day on Khalifa lasts 2 earth hours. Its' average surface temperature is 1172, and it has 132 moons.

Khalifa is a planet with its land surrounded by smoke. It's on its own level with its inhabitants partying all the time, no sleep for them. They play tennis frequently, but in order to play well, they must sing the song Racks before, during, and after the match.

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