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Planet Vulcans Watch in system Vexa (SJB785)

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Vulcans Watch

Incoming message, origin unknown. Opening.

Hear me. This is a transmission to all who can listen.

I go by Vulcan. My name before is irrelevant. But the message I convey is not.

The Ozoa burned my home. My beautiful world, Kabr. My family lived there for many years. I can still remember my village, with all its sights and smells. We were a peaceful society; weapons had no place on Kabr. But then they came to change my world forever.

Then Fire. Ozoa marching against us. They knew no mercy, and left no survivors. None except me, I suppose. They took our world and turned it into a machine in days, incorporating it into their vast network. You wouldn't recognize Kabr now even if I showed you.

For many years, I alone remained on Kabr. I watched them transform my home. I also learned from them and took from them. I fashioned armor from their bronze skeletons, and implanted their cells into my own body. Now I am part of their network, a vast intelligence spread over more than a million units. I have learned of their plans, plans too sinister to ever be given the chance to come to fruition. I weave my way through their tangle of gates, stopping them whenever I can. Countless projects have been disrupted and slowed by my actions, countless more invasions ended before they began.

They seek the Garden. I plan to stop them. But I cannot do this alone.

Come find me.

This planet has 1 moons:
SJB785.6.1 (no information available yet)


Planetary Orbits


This solar system belongs to user 'kairos'.


dragonspice - january 8, 2013:
Good work has went into this system.

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