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Planet Koralia in system Darwin Arae (TAE557)

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Koralia is the birthplace and throneworld of the Darwin Arae Empire. The planet is a large, humid terrestrial world with 6 major oceans of liquid water and 9 very large continents made up of mainly thick tropical jungles and gargantuan mountain ranges. This planet is 4.2 billion years old and has undergone countless mass extinction events in its history. Life on this planet seems to evolve extremely rapidly and is believed to have began only about 400 million years after the planet's formation, during which time the planet had cooled just enough for archaic forms of life to emerge deep in prehistoric underground oceans .

The indigenous Koralian people are sentient carbon-based bipeds with two arms and two eyes located on the front of their heads. The Koralian people have pale blue silicone-like skin, and fibrous bones making them quite flexible. Their heads are slightly elongated due to their large brain-like organs located at the back of their heads. The Koralian people use a written language similar to that of Sumerian cuneiform, and use a spoken language that is somewhat similar to broken Ancient Greek. The Koralian species are tetrachromats however their eyes allow them to see the ultraviolet part of the spectrum as well. The average life expectancy of a Koralian is about 900-940 years. The reason for the longevity of the Koralian peoples' lifespan is thanks to an advanced chemically synthesized vaccination that is injected subcutaneously into the Koralian peoples' body at a young age, fighting off ailments, and allowing them to live a lengthy life, otherwise the Koralian peoples' life expectancy would be drastically varying, ranging from about 200 to 300 years. The Koralian people are naturally capable of surviving very large doses of radiation; about 12 sieverts safely at any one time, because of mysterious natural alpha and gamma radioactive decay processes which occur naturally deep within the mantle and outer core of Koralia. The Koralian people's civilization has suffered through many declines, and gained substantially from many flowerings. The Koralian people have harnessed the power of space travel for several thousands of years. The Koralians are without a doubt one of Galaxiki's (NGC 1300) ultimate superpowers.

The planet Koralia is quite a pleasant world, however some areas are very crowded, such as Koralia's capital city Naabah, with a total population of about 1 billion people. Koralia is home to about 300 billion people total, a further 10 billion people live in orbiting space habitats. Naabah is home to several advanced institutes dedicated to the education of industrial, scientific, and agricultural ways of life in the Darwin Arae Empire, as well as military careers. Naabah is also home to several Vaishun temples and citadels that make up a fraction of the city's skyline.

Koralia is in current use of 19 space elevators, which are constructed from reinforced graphene as well as ereimious wire. These elevators are used to transport goods into space. The elevators depend on solar energy output that power them. A further two elevators are being built in Koralia's southern hemisphere.

Koralian scientists and engineers have engineered 4000 massive motherships capable of utilizing speeds as fast as FTL-9 , and even black hole travel. Many of the planets and moons of the Darwin Arae Empire have a mothership docking port, where a mothership can land and transport passengers and commercial and agricultural goods from planet to planet virtually anywhere within the Darwin Arae Empire. Koralian scientists are developing an advanced system of teleportation, to replace time consuming space travel. The project is being conducted on Koralia's moon Sernusbah, and although the project looks promising, the price of traveling from one star system to another would cost an astronomical amount for the average person, however government officials including the emperor currently use teleportation to transport themselves from one star system to another instantaneously.

Due to overcrowding of people in certain areas on Koralia, the Koralian people have constructed countless underwater cities surrounded by giant oxygen recycling domes made of clear quartz crystal.

The surface of Koralia is mostly tropical rain forest that is teeming with bizarre flora and other odd forms of plant life but there is very little fauna on this planet compared to 10 million years prior due to a mass extinction event that ultimately led to the Koralians becoming the dominant form of life here. The surface is pockmarked by thousand of natural hot springs, most are located near one of the 18 large volcanoes located on Koralia's equator. Koralia's capital city of Naabah is located on the equator as well, the city is surrounded by a large mountain range which prevents winds from blowing away harmful pollutants in the air, causing acid rain. This pollution problem was mostly resolved when the people within the city stopped burning fossil fuels, and began to use geothermal energy as a power source. Koralia boasts many precious natural rescources despite some depletion over the eons as well which is why the planet has become such a powerful symbol of prosperity and endurance to the Darwin Arae Empire over the years.

The 9 continents that make up the Koralian landscape each have numerous freshwater streams and rivers, surrounded by the 6 major oceans, which makes for easy access to drinking water and hassle-free transportation.

This planet has 3 moons:
Sernusbah Sernusbah is one of the only three natural satellites of Koralia. Sernusbah is a huge moon and is about 6000km across. Sernusbah has a thick atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen mix. The moon is tidally locked to Koralia, and completes an orbit every 28 days. The near side is covered largely with flat dusty plains of smooth rock and basalt deserts, while the far side is complete with mountain ranges, plateaus and very deep ravines caused by erosion of ancient impact craters. As a major staging ground for the Darwin Arae Empire's own Imperial military forces, this is the place where many top secret military operations are conducted. Mining operations are also underweigh for rare Sernusbahn crystals to power the massive motherships that have the capability of FTL-9 speed hyperspace travel. 6 billion Koralians live on this moon. Most of those who live here are in some way connected with the military, space naval, or mining operations here.
Besboolag Besboolag is one of only three natural satellites of Koralia. It is a very large object about 3500km across. Besboolag has a thick nitrogen rich atmosphere with a rather small amount of oxygen, however the oxygen is abundant enough for Koralians to go without protective gear. This moon is not tidally locked to Koralia and completes an orbit every 49.5 days. Because of its fertile plains, Besboolag is the farming and agriculture capital of the Darwin Arae Empire, producing nearly 60% of all the Darwin Arae Empire's crops, used mostly for feeding purposes. 10 billion Koralians live here, most of them are commercial farmers. Besboolag is an extremely clean environment, with no burning of fossil fuels, most of their energy is produced by solar and wind power. The crops that are harvested from the fields of Besboolag are then loaded onto a mothership and divided equally among all of the populated worlds within the Darwin Arae Empire.
Traanidan Traanidan is one of only three natural satellites of Koralia. It is the smallest moon in the Koralian system, at about 3000km across. Tranidaan has a moderately thick atmosphere consisting of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide . This moon is not tidally locked to Koralia and completes an orbit every 70 days. The Galactic Trade Service (GTS) has several active mineral and natural gas excavation operations on this moon Traanidan is the birthplace of the religion of Vaishun, the Darwin Arae Empire's main religion, with about 880 billion followers galaxy wide. Followers of Vaishun are called Vaishins. Vaishins believe that there is one, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient soul, called "the one mind," who is a genderless, ever expanding force that embodies: love, enlightenment and peace. Vaishins believe that through consciousness exploration and by using psychedelic substances such as LSD and DMT, that they can connect with "the one mind" and become enlightened, ultimately breaking the endless cycle of rebirth. Vaishins feel a strong connection with nature that is usually linked to that of Tranidaan. There are no holy texts of Vaishun, rather the experiences with consciousness exploration and psychedelic substances that are considered holy, because it is believed that each person has their own destiny, and each person needs to learn different things to fulfill their destiny. The surface of Traanidan consists mostly of silicate rock scattered with global germanium rich deposits, therefore GTS mineral mining operations on this moon are booming. As well, a major Helium-3 deposit is actively being emptied on the North pole of Traanidan. 8 billion people live here: mainly Koralians, Qiramese and Rydial and a few Aalarians, however the people that inhabit this moon must wear pressurized protective gear via body suit when traveling outdoors due to the low pressure here. Those who live here are mostly commercial green-house farmers, connected to the GTS mining operations, or have very high social status in the religion of Vaishun. The urbanized areas of Traanidan are occupied by numerous Vaishun temples and citadels as well as several institutions dedicated to the education of quantum engineering and theoretical sciences.


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gehenna - may 31, 2015:
Nice, that chronology is awesome. Kudos.
thebigh - december 29, 2011:
Excellent. 😀

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