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Planet Ihnatar in system Darwin Arae (TAE557)

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Since Ihnatar has been locked in an ice age, giant crystallized glaciation and ethane ice cover the surface, as well as huge crystal spurs. Ihnatar's internal heat has long since cooled leaving massive deposits of precious minerals within the planet's crust and mantle. The immense assets of Vaxan crystals and fields of Xuron crystals make Ihnatar among the wealthiest worlds in the Darwin Arae Empire. Along with Vaxan and Xuron crystals, Ihnatar also hosts huge deposits of Wurenite crystals and a precious and unusual metal known as Ereimious, which is the almost indestructible metal that was used to construct the massive motherships capable of FTL-9 speeds. The planet's ice shelves are home to an aggressive, giant spider-like species who burrow in the ice, the name of this unintelligent species are the Octihnans, named for their eight massive legs. The Octihnans are the only known indigenous life forms found on the planet Ihnatar.

Ihnatar is not composed of a uniform terrain; instead it is composed of many different kinds of terrain. There is not any volcanic activity on this planet, meaning the planet's interior is stable. The immense amount of precious metals and minerals found in the crust supports the theory that Ihnatar's volcanic activities have been extinct for some time.

Few cities exist on Ihnatar's surface. Of the cities, many came to power by producing synthesized crystals, developed in huge capacitor towers that store and distribute the energy of of the crystal throughout the city, however the operation of synthesizing crystals is very dangerous and costly. The cities are mainly administered around large surrounding crystal mines, though the cities also contain vaults which are used as top-secret operation storage units.

The whole surface of Ihnatar is covered in thick ethane ice, the polar climate causes massive ice storms that almost constantly batter the frigid surface. Before the ice age, Ihnatar had a climate ranging from polar to temperate-30% of Ihnatar was covered in polar ice caps, and 70% was a more temperate climate. The planet's gravity is quite strong, however the planet is a great deal colder than planets Koralia and Qiram, so the people living here must wear cold resistant suits when outside of their artificial habitats in order to stay alive.

Every 5100 years, Ihnatar is aligned perfectly with the planet Koralia, making either planet on either side clearly visible to the naked eye in the night sky. Currently about 150 billion Koralians, Qiramese, Rydial, and Aalarians live on this planet, however they must live in artificial habitats, or, if they wish to go outside for mining or other reasons, they must wear protective gear to cope with the extreme cold and atmospheric conditions.

This planet has 1 moons:
Gamollag Gamollag is the only natural satellite of Ihnatar. Gamollag is rather small, about 800km across. Gamollag has an extremely thin atmosphere, therefore those living here must wear protective gear to stay alive. The moon is tidally locked to Ihnatar and completes an orbit every 40 days. Gamollag is a very rocky turbulent moon, because of constant tectonic activity just below the surface. Currently about 70 million Koralians live here, most are connected with the Darwin Arae Empire's Helium-3 refining bases here.


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This solar system belongs to user 'gavino29'.


gehenna - may 31, 2015:
Nice, that chronology is awesome. Kudos.
thebigh - december 29, 2011:
Excellent. 😀

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