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Planet Hillios in system Geophillis (UBJ225)

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The planet Hillios is a very rocky planet. Much of the surface is never flat and instead, could be a low hill rising up to a jagged mountain or a deep canyon plummeting into a dark abyss. This errie place makes it hard to even lay down with ease! The inhabitants of Hillios have adapted to these rocky features and have underground cities that looks like a modern, busy city--except underground! Hillios' people take advantage of the densely-packed mountains to cover up small caves that lead into their cities. Armies of neighboring planets often tried attacking but would always turn up losing. The infantry can march properly due to ever-continuing uneven surfaces and the caves are well over two miles below in most canyons. Aircraft have a hard time hovering in because of the mountains being so close to each other and most canyons are to narrow for even a small plane to dive in. Nuclear weapons are the best solution but even so, most bombs cannot go off effectively because of the raging winds in the atmosphere. With the winds, the bombs would most likely be pushed into the wrong destination and causing huge debris to smash into the warring planes. The people of Hillios are not very known due to few contact but are said to have all of a normal cities' properties with the extra features such as crystal mining.

This planet has 1 moons:
UBJ225.6.1 (no information available yet)


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