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Planet Asheti in system Admenral (UDH440)

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Asheti is a bustling Dacoran space colony, one of the first since it began to take a more rooted presence in the sector. A near neighbour of Selos and also falling under Selos' defence grid, it has prospered as a trade outpost and one of the most peaceful and undisturbed Dacoran systems in the galaxy, even by other nations standards. It has the head quarters of several large companies and is responsible largely for picking up the DURGAT after the Chaos War decline and rebooting it to a powerful currency once more, albeit with more limited usage. Ships regularly arrive here daily, bringing trade from not only within the vast empire, but also from outside it's reaches.

Asheti is a humid and rainy world, with interested land flora that is very unique, some species akin to coral. A popular destination to live, Asheti is as far from military nomadic life as Dacorans can be, and also has an Imperial palace for the Emperors away visits from the considerably more crowded Selos. Asheti has it's own Void Gate, smaller and for direct traffic to and from Selos only and separate from Admenral's main Void Gate. The 33rd Fleet is in patrol here although it's mainly stationed in interstellar space as the Selosian Home Fleet Bloc can handle any issues through the close Void Gate.

The Inthaelans limited communication and trade with the Dacor usually occurs in this system, bringing some of the amazing rarities and wonders Inthael and the system of Kalamon have to offer.

This planet has 16 moons:
UDH440.6.1 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.2 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.3 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.4 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.5 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.6 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.7 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.8 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.9 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.10 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.11 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.12 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.13 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.14 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.15 (no information available yet)
UDH440.6.16 (no information available yet)


Planetary Orbits


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