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red dwarf star


Consensus is a small terrestrial planet, on an orbit about 38635*106 km from its star. Its' radius is 4803 km, its' mass is 886. One year on Consensus lasts 151 earth days, one day on Consensus lasts 15 earth hours. Its' average surface temperature is 352, and it has 2 moons.


Interlocutor is a medium terrestrial planet, on an orbit about 59245*106 km from its star. Its' radius is 6498 km, its' mass is 2194. One year on Interlocutor lasts 287 earth days, one day on Interlocutor lasts 10 earth hours. Its' average surface temperature is 300, and it has 5 moons.

Interlocutor, the second planet in this system, may feature life forms. Its average temperature is 300K (27C) and it's atmosphere contains 45% of oxygen. One year on Interlocutor lasts 287 days, one day lasts 10 hours. It's diameter is 12996 km, 1 times the diameter of the Earth.

"A chronicler who recites events without distinguishing between major and minor ones acts in accordance with the following truth : nothing that has ever happened should be regarded as lost for history. Oversight or some other excuse may be conjured forth to serve as explanation for the presentation of events set out here, no doubt all to the well and good. Here, the motifs whilst weighed in the balance, will be placed along side such minor facts as come to hand in the libraries and records of tax and other payments that existed in past times. Though such past days extend back, in a concatenation of events and things which by the strange force of temporality make whole that which appeared as no more than the coexistance and indeed random series of events present at hand to those who in turn laid claim to a similar whole which fell before them, and by the same logic plucking from each past a wholeness which was never present save in retrospect, all the way back to the blooded birthing channel and the squald shack perched atop the craig Mattock.

Here it is imagined that life was scratched from the thin crust of sod and rock, and the backbreaking and dull labour of the stock whose fortune fell among these stones. Was it to be a life tied to the never-ending and inhuman cycle of the seasons? From the harsh spring, to the bitter chill of winter, a life barely above that of the bruitish herd, of the beast which turned that sod which could be turned. Such was the lot of Niddi, last in birth and position. The places at table already allocated, and at best the shuffling of spaces led to a fight over what ever scraps fell from those who went before.

Such beginnings are not remarkable, otherlives have started from just such places, and indeed no portents are recorded as having accompanied these early days , which could point to a destiny, as usually found in tales of the early life of the great. Indeed the devices of such chroniclers of antiquity, the foreshadowing or workings of fate are lacking from all existant ...


Dissensus is a medium terrestrial planet, on an orbit about 95102*106 km from its star. Its' radius is 5950 km, its' mass is 1685. One year on Dissensus lasts 585 earth days, one day on Dissensus lasts 12 earth hours. Its' average surface temperature is 174, and it has 7 moons.

The strip lighting gave Clarence a mild headache. He lay further back and closed his eyes. It was no good, he now could hear a low hum. "What was going on," he muttered, and again opened his eyes, "'Isn't right." The noise increased, and then stopped. It took some time before his brain thawed out enough for Clarence to pull out all the tubes and exit the pod. There should have been at least a bot to help, he thought. This must have been some really cheap long haul flight, and could he find any clothes?! Finally he stumbled across a stack of paper overalls, with a one size fits all design ethos. Putting one on, caused something to stir in his mind. Clarence looked about, and the the vague sense of the insititional grew clearer. In the low light, the bay with the stacked pods, seemed sinister. Clarence was not the most travelled, but as he bent over and sliped on a pair of paper slippers, he did think he would not be using this service again in a hurry.

At which point a klaxon sounded, and the bay shifted by 40 degrees. Thrown foward Clarence stumbled into a door, which hissed open, and as he fell into the corridor. He could have sworn that written in Basic across the steel door was phrase "Convict Bay 21."

As he regained his feet, he heard a distant burst of swearing from up ahead. Clinging to the wall he was able to navigate to the next junction, and the shouting was louder, "No, No, No, you bastards, you..."

The voice was coming from an overhead service hatch. Feeling like a voyuer at a peep show, Clarence slowly poked his head over the open hatch rim. In front of him was a large man beating the side of an auto launch pod. The craft was spinning on it's long axis, and the man was half way inside it as the air lock started to shut. Not having any idea at all why he acted, Clarence dived into the bay, sprinted to the pod, and jammed himself into the frame of the closing air lock. The trapped man, pulled himself free and fell back into the interior. As the lock cycled shut, Clarence groaned, and ripping h ...


Agreement is a very large terrestrial planet, on an orbit about 158389*106 km from its star. Its' radius is 9331 km, its' mass is 6499. One year on Agreement lasts 1258 earth days, one day on Agreement lasts 7 earth hours. Its' average surface temperature is 83, and it has 18 moons.


Disagreement is a large terrestrial planet, on an orbit about 236218*106 km from its star. Its' radius is 7861 km, its' mass is 3886. One year on Disagreement lasts 2291 earth days, one day on Disagreement lasts 9 earth hours. Its' average surface temperature is 1741, and it has 30 moons.
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