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Planet Miruk in system Diberus (VDD125)

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Delvin came to the edge of her jirsk field and hetched the remus to make another pass, furrow another row and drop a few more jirsk seeds into the freshly carved clay. The distant thunder of chempy hooves caused her to pause as she sought the horizon for unexpected visitors. There, in the northeast twixt the featherwoods and Born's hills a cloud of dust bore the worst good news towards her humble home. The Rai'm were bearing down on her farm with grim intent. As they came closer so did her heart sink deeper into the dreadful depths of sorrow.

How many times now must she give up her sons to be impregnated by the Aru! That hateful thing that used up all of the sons of poor working folk, sons needed at home, sons soon to be wed and sometimes sons newly born. Did the Aru know no limits? Was its appetite so insatiable? Yet to hate the Aru and its followers openly was the worst blasphemy. The carved, decaying corpses displayed in village centers attested to the fate of those who said no to the Rai'm.

The Rai'm trampled across her fields, crushing the young velex sprouts from last month's planting next to the jirsk field. This alone will cause her to have a meager winter, velex being more valuable than jirsk. She just may end up starving to death before the winter is done.

"Greetings Delvin, we bring good news!" Linw yelled the standard Aruan greeting from atop her chempy. Delvin said, "I have but one son left and he's barely walking. Can you not spare me my last son?" Linw snorted with disgust, "All sons belong to Aru whether we take them or not, you do not have a son, Aru does. You shall hand him over to us at once but that is not the only good news we have for you!"
Delvin's despair was deeper than the blackest pits of Ghir but she refused to show it to these horrible creatures, servants of a dark and filthy lord. "What other good news have you for me," she asked, not wanting to know the answer. "The best news possible!" cried Linw, "You have done such an excellent job in bearing sons for Aru that you are to be given to him for his droppa feast. You are to be eaten a little at a time for the entire droppa month bit by bit. The Aru's mediciners will keep you alive until finally your skull is pierced and your sweet brains are served to Aru for the month end desert."

To her credit, Delvin did not faint.

Linw rushed her with the chempy and had a rope around Delvin's arms before she could move. One of the Rai'm, a dark haired, brown eyed beauty whose looks suited a boutique more than a Rai'm clique brought up a wagon with bars on it. Linw dismounted her chempy and pushed Delvin into the wagon and slammed the door shut. The lock slipped into place with a quiet tick that belied its unyielding security.

Cries from the house spoke loudly to Delvin of the snatching of her last son. The sounds pouring from her home spoke of unnecessary cruelty. She knew they wouldn't kill her son, the Aru wanted him alive and able to bear his seed. But there were things a cruel Rai'm could do to a boy that wouldn't kill him but make him wish for death all the same. Finally, Delvin began to weep.

This planet has 3 moons:
VDD125.4.1 (no information available yet)
VDD125.4.2 (no information available yet)
VDD125.4.3 (no information available yet)


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User 'revco' updated this system april 2, 2012.
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