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Planet Seetha in system RYE (VHA503)

RYE Prime
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Gella Grade
Tully VNot
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The RYE have know for many years now that Seetha can support life without artificial means. However no effort has been made to colonize the planet or strip it of natural resources. Even in the past century with easy space travel in the solar system Seetha has been mostly left alone aside from criminals and pirates using it as a hide-out. Until now....

174 CADv1 //02.23.2015

Just before the year was out a crystal was found encased in a stone/ore sphere about 10 inches in diameter. The crystal is determined to be a information storage device however it is emitting a strong radiation signature and must stay enclosed in the stone/ore sphere. Obviously work is underway to access the information located with in. Sizemic mapping has reviled a large area of the ruins that many have speculated to be ship hanger bay. Excavation crews have been dispatched to clear the rubble and make a safe passage to the area in question. Lots of little trinkets have been found in the ruins and are being looked over. Everything from technological to biological. With no directions enclosed, the scientists are working with these items on a trial and error basis. Only two deaths have been reported thus far in the research of these objects. A few of the trinkets have yielded some nice results. One of the most profound finds was a chemical substance that has been discovered to help in the reproductive fields and shows promise of being able to relieve the Vinnix from having to involve 3 sexes to create offspring. The government is holding onto this gem of information, until they can figure out how to share it properly. If done wrong the Vinnix may see this as an opportunity after all these years to break free and create their own empire. This would be a fool hardy choice as it would destabilize both races resulting in many deaths via civil unrest. A cute little find that has been given to the citizens is a new light source that allows energy-less lighting. Its based off a bacteria that gives off light and subsists on various forms of atmosphere. Thus far the bacteria has a finite growth and almost indefinite life span. In just the first few months, electrical costs to consumers have dropped by 38% and the strain on the empires power grid has dropped by 21%...very cool!

168 CADv1 //02.21.2015
Early in the year research teams discovered a number of what are being called "Solar" artifacts uncovered in Zii Ruins. The items had very ancient dialect written on them dating back to early CC days. The dialect was in Leek Origin and may of the items found were of metal creation. One profound find was an object that had circuitry in it...attempts to activate the circuitry via modern means have failed. The writings that were translated directed the scientists to Seetha. Oddly the origin of the name for Seetha was lost to the RYE as far as any historical records show it had always been called Seetha when looking into the night sky and as this find would point out that even as far back as the early CC period. The Leek Origin race also called it Seetha. Thus leading historians to surmise that some of the roots of RYE language hail from Leek Origin and that the Leek also had a far greater role in our species then once thought. Upon arriving at the proper location on Seetha, per the artifacts, teams went to work on learning the relevance of this specific location. What was found is nothing short of awe inspiring. A vast underground complex, extending up into a magnetic ore mountain. Room after room filled with writings and various objects, covered in layers of dust. Areas of the complex have yet to be explored due to difficultly in access. One such area is a shaft that was discovered via scans at the very bottom of the complex. It is inaccessible due to extreme heat and radiation coming from the shaft, along with a good number of collapsed halls and floors near by. Thousands of scientists are making way to Seetha, under military direction to uncover the vast secrets and riches of this find. As of now the site is being called the Seetha Leek site, combining the respect for the planet of location and the Leek who in antiquity left us the map to it.

This planet has 16 moons:
VHA503.1.1 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.2 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.3 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.4 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.5 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.6 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.7 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.8 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.9 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.10 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.11 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.12 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.13 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.14 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.15 (no information available yet)
VHA503.1.16 (no information available yet)


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This solar system belongs to user 'navaji'.


gehenna - february 22, 2015:
Wow, plenty of work here, awesome stuff. Kudos
ferret21 - august 31, 2013:
Incredible work, I now see that mine could use a lot more!!! Five Stars!!!
dragonspice - august 28, 2013:
Nice work.

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