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Planet RYE Prime in system RYE (VHA503)

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RYE Prime


Welcome Letter 129v1 //08.23.2013

Well, hello there! I'm Dr Giyal Tengene of the Vinnix Medical Council...
I've been asked to give all visitors a run down of the cognitives for our solar system. There are two distinct races native to the RYE system. For starters there is the RYE and then their is my race the Vinnix.
The below statistics will be based on a segment of the population and provide averages. As we all know there are those who fall out of the average or on the extremes for any number of reasons.

RYE have two sexes KIN **Male** and SOLET **Female**. RYE have leathery skin with no hair ranging in color from green to blue. About .5% have genetic mutations that represent pigment as yellow or red. RYE have three cranial ridges that are rippled with the center ridge only being 1/3 the size of the two flanking ridges. The flanking ridges extend beyond the forehead up to 4 inches and resemble horns. Some may turn inwards or swoop back. Just behind the flanking ridges there is an auditory hole covered with an auditory membrane that assists with proper reorganization of sound. RYE who have damaged or non-existent auditory membranes have a hard time hearing sounds properly. RYE eyes are oval and color ranges are the same as skin tone and generally match in 90% of the population. The pupil is slotted from top to bottom on most RYE, however there are 5% with round pupils. Individuals with this condition normally wear a contact to make the eye look normal. Round pupils are associated with weakness and those with the affliction are treated poorly. It has become a emotional/psychological issue over the past few hundred years. RYE have strong hands that showcase fingers twice longer then the hand with nails that are nearly unbreakable. In the military these nails are sharpened and shaped into talons. Civilians often have shorter blunt nails. Nail shaping is a big business and is also medically necessary. Feet are similar to the hands, except that nails are kept short and blunt. (ever since we became civilized that is!).

Height 6' 8"
Weight 310
Life Span 187

Current empire wide RYE population 16.1 billion!

RYE reproduce, via sexual reproduction. However once the egg is fertilized inside the solet by the kin...it develops a rubbery shell. About three weeks after fertilization the egg or eggs are expelled in a ceremony called "Drigget", meaning the gift of life.
The eggs must be incubated by the solet for the next 7 month approximately. Average time for offspring from initial fertilization to hatching is 8 months. Approximately 4 months into incubation the kin must attempt the ritual called "KINSOLET", as the name suggest the kin is re-fertilizing the egg with enzymes of his choosing (produced from his body) in the hopes to force the sex to what both parents want. This ritual is effective about 85% of the time. The ritual is also necessary as eggs run about an 90% chance of failure to hatch if it is not preformed and babies of eggs that have not gone threw the ritual are often weak or deformed in some fashion.

Clutch Size;
1 --- 58%
2 --- 31%
3 --- 8%
4 or more --- 3%

Population Distribution;
KIN --- 67%
SOLET --- 31%
SHIN SOLTE --- 2% **having both sexes and sterile**

0-30 Youth --- 17%
31-65 Young Adult --- 16%
66-130 Adult Productive --- 48%
130+ Adult Dependent --- 19%


So, I have told you about the main race in the empire...they control a good bit of what goes on here. This is due to shear population, however when it comes to the behinds the scenes stuff the Vinnix is really in control. Vinnix are amazingly uniform in look. Very pail almost white skin, with only .5% having a teal tint. Those having a teal tint are referred to as "Zy'Kij" **Beloved** and are considered to be the most physically beautiful congnatives in existence. They are sought after by both Vinnix and RYE as sexual partners. Vinnix have a fleshy skin, with no hair. There is no blemishes on the skin, unless from injury. Ears have 3 points going from short to long in the back, eyes are slanted downward with a left to right slotted pupil. Hands and feet are similar with long slender fingers and toes. Despite the lack of unique look between Vinnix, they have been able to create ways to make each individual look different. The surgically adorn the body with various gems, jewelry and ornate objects...all inserted into the outer most layer of the skin. You can tell wealth, position and status by how elaborate and expensive the adornments are. Clothing also plays a role in providing unique looks. Many Vinixx families wear clothing specific to their family, house or crest. Even to the extreams of making a family member be the clothing weaver and the family makes their own clothing. Each family member would then wear a unique color in the family. Vinixx teeth are highly specialized for good old days before we all were civilized. Just like the ears there are 3 pointed fangs on each upper side descending in length from out inward. The largest outside tooth on each side is 2-3 inches and in 20% of the Vinnix it will stick outside of the mouth when it is closed. This is a sign of physical strength.

Height 6' 1''
Weight 195
Life Span 215

Current empire wide Vinnix population 2.3 billion!


Vinnix, have a very unique and difficult reproduction process. Vinnix have 3 sexes Mallo **male**, Malla **female** also know as the egg bearer, and Malloa or also know as the Enzimer. Here is how this situation goes down. Yes, a normal loving Vinnix house hold has all three living together, working and raising children. Vinnix are only able to reproduce in the younger years even though they are able to have sexual relationships for pleasure for life. While RYE maintain laws to protect children and prevent underage sexuality, Vinnix must reproduce during this time. Failure to do so could be medically harmful to the Malla or the Malloa. The Mallo does not have the same issues. When a Malla is born she will be born with all the eggs that she will ever have. These eggs upon her birth will take chemicals from her body to form a strong shell. This shell will continue to grow until the egg is fertilized or medically removed. The Malla has never been able to pass or adsorb the eggs. In the past millions of Malla would die if they did not get pregnant and use the vast majority of the eggs. It is important to note that if left with a few eggs for life is not always fatal. During these modern times only poor Malla that can not seek medical assistance die, but this is highly rare. Poor Malla's can have their eggs extracted and sold for a fortune to baron Malla's or even RYE families wanting a Vinnix child. The Malloa, could face death too, but not for the same reasons. The Malloa produce an enzyme that is needed in the reproductive process. This enzyme is acidic and will only be produced during youth. If it is not released regularly it could erode the inside of the reproductive tract and create a rupture, creating internal damage. How the fertilization process works is well X rated LOL, no seriously...Both Mallo and Malloa have tubules for sperm and enzyme (respectively), the Malla has two entry points near the egg sacks. Both the Mallo and Malloa must fertilize the egg within ten minutes of each other. The enzyme breaks down the eggs outer shell and also "unlocks" the eggs DNA to accept the sperm. Once the enzyme has done its work the sperm then does what its supposed to and like magic =P 14 months latter there is a new bouncing baby Vinnix. Incubation time is 14 months. Babies are born not hatched like the RYE. In a Malla's breeding life time she can expect to have 3-4 offspring and upwards of 6 dead births.

Special note ---
As of the modern eras, it was found that 2% of KIN RYE carry the enzyme necessary to Vinnix reproduction. With a simple shot of Prikon 777 chemical it unlocks the KIN to produce the same level of enzyme need to facilitate the Malloa function. Laws have been in place to remove these children from RYE homes under other pretexts and lock them away to use more or less as breeding stock for Vinnix families who do not have a Malloa or have lost their Malloa for what ever reason. This has helped the Vinnix population!

Population Distribution;
MALLO --- 35%
MALLA --- 45%
MALLOA --- 15%
NOLA --- 5% **Not having any sex**
MALLOAX --- 2% of RYE

0-15 Baby--- 18%
16-40 Breeders--- 15%
41-150 Adult --- 42%
150+ Adult Dependent --- 25%


Welcome to RYE PRIME, I'm Sykes K'Lim...director with the Mining Coalition. I have been instructed to provide information regarding how the make up of the planet.

The planet is quite lush in biomes, there are vast forests, swamps, deserts and planes. What I feel we should be most proud is the oceans. The ocean of Frizzia, is so large it can engulf a small moon. The creatures that have been cataloged in its depths are awe inspiring. Due to the large size of the planet many plants and animals go large (so to speak). Take for example in the forest of Y'im, due to the extreme size of the forest trees have been able to grow to epic size and the animals who live near and around these mighty giants have in turn gotten large. There has been evidence of both cognitive plants and giants. However I will let one of my fellows give you details on those.

The planet has 5 major land masses and 3 major oceans. Now I say major when referring to these. There are in fact close to 50 notable land masses and 30 oceans or seas but this is not a class in topography so I will highlight the major locations.

The land mass were RYE and Vinnix came from was below the central equatorial line and is called Vinnixia. Far enough south that the winters were quite harsh. The average temperature was about 52 degrees Fahrenheit. It made both races quite hardy and adaptive to the environment. While the majority of the time it was snowy, there were a couple months per year that boasted nice mild weather, perfect for growth and a little fun. Many seasonal sports arose during the mild months, such as Glabbor Ball. A very dangerous sport were the object of the game is to put the ball in the top of the opponents pyramid. In the good old days, there where few rules and many RYE used hand talons to mame or kill other players.

Just above Vinnixia, near the equatorial line is the largest land mass on the planet and is now the home of the RYE Empire. Its has been simply named Capital Plains. Only 2 primary bioms dominate the landscape. 80% is open plain lands and 20% arboreal forest (very dense). When the alliance first started to colonize the land mass in 7052 AD the explorers were taken back by a large slow moving creature know as the Plains Walker, It had a round body with hundreds of mouths mounted on its under belly. The mouths would extend out from the main mass and extend to the ground to eat grass and various plants. Thank god too...because I have left out the most amazing feature. The creature was over 400 feet tall and would weigh in at an astonishing 400 tonnes if not more. The creature was so massive it had multiple brains to control its legs and mouths. Due to its size it moved fairly slow and steady, thus adding yet another unique feature. A nearly cognitive race of mammal had made homes on the back of the Plains Walker (The Entroppie). These mammals were fairly small only standing about 3-4 feet tall and being only about 30-50 pounds. They had started to master tools and a social structure...but had yet to develop a recognizable form of communication. After exploration and colonization began in full swing a few hundred years later, the Plains Walker became the target for industrious hunters. One kill could make a troop of hunter wealthy for years and provide near by settlements with goods to grow four times faster then shipping goods in from Vinnixia.
By 2045 AD the last know Plains Walker was killed. The Entroppie had another fate, perhaps worse then extinction. Thousands were rounded up and used for live stock. They are now one of the most well know meats served in the empire. Due to losing their home and being subjugated as food the Entroppie never developed further and over the millennia have lost the ability to use tools of their making. Off the northern coast of Capital Plains is a shallow sea, referred to as the ORE IT sea. The depth is only about 3-5 feet at most and just under the sea bed is some of the richest ore mining on the entire planet. Most of the modern buildings, vehicles and ships are made from ore mined from this sea. Lastly Capital Plains has been over industrialized and has lost its charm. Nothing more then one big city, and a nice forest to take an afternoon walk in, well if you live near the forest...whats left of it.

Across a vast ocean called the Great Blue is a land mass know as the Tiegra Swamps. It is just a slight bit smaller then Capital Plains. Its is comprised of 70% dense swamp, 15% forest, 15% magnetic mountains. The region had been discovered roughly the same time as Capital Plains, but did not offer the same room for growth so it was left unmolested for centuries. Various small expeditions of research had been conducted and two small villages were founded. Both villages were formed by families and supporter of scientists and those seeking freedoms from RYE rule. Most of the early colonists were Vinnix and to this day many feel that Tiegra in its entirety belong to the Vinnix. As science and technology have improved it was discovered with in the swamp was the most medicinal fauna anywhere on the planet. Many new drugs and cures have come from the swamps and have increased life spans by 30%, while also reducing disease by 70%. It has made the modern cities on Tiegra very wealthy. So wealthy in fact that one of the pharmaceutical companies controls the local government and has been give the right by the council to form its own privet standing security force. You might say magnetic mountains! Yes, the mountain range is awe inspiring reaching beyond the clouds. 85% of the mountain chain contains a mass made of a magnetic ore and due to the shear volume of the material producing such a strong force that can be felt hundreds of miles away. Due to this massive force a floating city was able to be constructed. The city is called Tiegra Heights and is a major tourist attraction. It floats high enough that you can see clear across the Great Blue and the entire land mass of Tiegra. The magnetic mountain region of Tiegra can be seen from space and even more so from a few of the moons. (From Tiegra Heights you can also see other major landmasses)

Desert Island of Zii, a nasty place hot and dry. However not without life. Zii, houses some of the greatest riches on the planet. Tundel crystals are only found in the sand flats in Zii. Tundel are prized for perfect beauty and are used for jewelry. The crystalline perfection in the Tundel also make them perfect to be used with many high end pieces of technology. The newest computers in use are driven by Tundel processing cores. A combination of Tundel crystal and Iopke bio matter are used in FTL drives. This resource has generated a vast amount of funds and as such small mining towns have sprung up over the past 200 years. The empire seeing that Tundel's are very valuable to technological growth, moved fast to create laws giving the government control over Tundel mining and sales. To keep the mining guild happy, the government extends grants occasionally to areas for mining. Zii possess very few plants, but just under the sands burrowing creatures thrive...mostly on each other. Most of these creatures are parasitic and deadly, all are carnivorous. Located in the dead center of the land mass is ruins of an ancient cognitive race. Sadly very little is known about this culture primarily because no expedition has ever been able to make it in and out alive. Some speculate that the inhabitants are still there. This could just be a story to scare bad children too. Orbital scan show no cognitive life in the ruins, but have found a parasitic virus like creature. Scientist are unsure if they should taking any samples out of the ruins for fear that it killed of the ruin's builders and could create a new plague.

Last land mass is Planoria. This land mass is second in size to Capital Plains and has one of the greatest biome diverse over lays found anywhere on RYE Prime. Everything from forests, desert, mountains to snowy fields. As Capital Plains get more and more over populated more of this lush environment get invaded by new settlers. Still mostly undisturbed, it is only a matter of time before it has been raped and pillaged for all its resources. Perhaps one of it's most unique resources is that Planoria has fresh water lakes and seas. The water on RYE is acidic based with a high PH value, were as Planoria's freshwater is quite low. This unique twist on the water table has created the plants and animals found here to be less sturdy and further more unable to live anywhere off Planoria as they are unable to process and use the water found elsewhere on RYE Prime. Orbital scans and research show that the land mass was created by a large meteor impact around 2 billion years ago. The meteor carried ice with the freshwater and various biological elements. As noted above the creatures found on Planoria are not found anywhere else and aside from transplanting creatures and plants from off the land mass, no other creatures from RYE Prime exist here. one Vinnixx scientist stated that it was like having a small planet with in another with its own unique biological signature. It should also be noted that the waters surrounding Planoria's outer boarder show to be losing acidic PH and the freshwater ring around Planoria grows each year. The life forms that survive in the acidic water, ether adapt, change or die. Freshwater fish for the first time in 34 CAD were found living and thriving in the ring. A scientific council has been created to watch the ring's growth and figure out how its happening in the first place. The are also charged with the task of figuring out how to stop its growth and when the right time would be to stop the growth.

I will not go into details about the water masses at this time. Just keep in mind the Great Blue and the Freshwater Ring of Planoria!

****Close Planet Build 09.05.2013****

This planet has 25 moons:
Tiyinj (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.2 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.3 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.4 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.5 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.6 (no information available yet)
Gala Blue 7 Site of a crashed vessel with unknown origins. The "Gala Mining Guild" discovered it in 55 SI. ***MORE TO COME***
VHA503.2.8 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.9 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.10 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.11 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.12 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.13 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.14 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.15 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.16 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.17 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.18 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.19 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.20 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.21 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.22 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.23 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.24 (no information available yet)
VHA503.2.25 (no information available yet)


Planetary Orbits


This solar system belongs to user 'navaji'.


gehenna - february 22, 2015:
Wow, plenty of work here, awesome stuff. Kudos
ferret21 - august 31, 2013:
Incredible work, I now see that mine could use a lot more!!! Five Stars!!!
dragonspice - august 28, 2013:
Nice work.

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