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Planet Hesta -TIME LOG- in system RYE (VHA503)

RYE Prime
Gella Grade
Tully VNot
Gemm -Galactic Time Line-

Hesta -TIME LOG-

Log 176-181v1 CAD //08.05.2019

The RC (ruling council) has announced during this period unprecedented military spending. This is in response to AntiE thefts of scientific properties, those including people. The clandestine group is getting harder to track but the issues they create are felt empire wide. Another reason for the increase in spending to make sure that the government maintains control of space exploration and control. The last few years the materials needed to create 1-2.5 FTL ships have gotten so cheap that even wealthy individuals have been making them...or should I say buying them. All across RYE preverbal "CAR" dealerships have been popping up for spacecraft. You can get a 1 FTL ship that seats 4 with small nap rooms and cooking area for the low price of 125k. In the past few years space has turned into a highway all over the system and a few folks in more expensive ships leaving the system to varying degrees of success. The RC has been considering extending the planet based highway patrol system to space. WOW! Get a speeding ticket in space. Laws are being written and things should be in place soon. The religious sect of Vixgraz has started to build a large colony ship. The RC has reluctantly given blessing to this endeavor. The ship will have FTL 4 drives, that are military spec. It took a lot of wrangling by Vixgraz lobbyist to get the drive. Completion should be fairly fast could see a launch with in the next few years.

Log 171-175v1 CAD //02.21.2015

These past 5 years has changed the RYE people. They now know that they are not alone in the universe and that even their very existence is based in the stars. There has recently been a re-sergeant of AntiE support, however they have shifted focus away from anti government activities but to scientific pursuits and control. Many items from the Seetha research site have gone missing along with data and even a few notable scientists have vanished. The government has fully militarized the area and direction of research as a response. A number of top secrit projects have been started by the military at this point and both the government and military have stopped providing the public information. The froze the information only after letting everyone know about the ruins and that other life exists elsewhere. At first it seemed as though everyone could handle the information, but it was short lived and now those in power are trying to clean up the mess. There has been no notable technological developments except to point out that FTL 4.0 speed is growing more stable each day, but is still not capable of being a permanent speed. The R.E.S. Day Break has made 2 trips this past 5 year period to VHA499 for survey purposes and this marks a new mild stone for RYE history as they are the first round trips to another star. The each trip took 422 days round trip with a few weeks in system for scanning. The Day Break was quite busy during this time...they brought back a large amount of data that has already shown promising resources on the planets in the system. The mining guilds have already started to build a mining fleet to gather these goods. Talks between the guild, military and government are fully under way and progressing at astonishing speed.

Log 165-170v1 CAD //02.16.2015

This has been an unprecedented time of discovery for the RYE. The unrest, while still existent in certain area is widely under-control. This has lead way to some remarkable discoveries... One has been the launching of a new ship called "Dark Break II". It is a joint collaboration with the military and many notable tech firms. Since the amazing "2.5 FTL" find efforts have been underway to not only refine the "Tundel Molecules" more but to also provide better containment. Not just focusing on one aspect of FTL, the collaboration looked to over haul the entire though behind space travel. Redesigning space vessels from scratch! Late in 169 CAD it was confirmed as a success with the "Dark Break II" being able to maintain FTL 3.5 nearly indefinably without creating any critical damage to the ship. Only that was required is to change out the Tundel crystals every 4-5 months. This is not a big issue as creating the crystals has gotten much easier and cheaper the past 10 years. The ship was also able to achieve FTL 4.0 for a short duration, but anything longer than 3-4 days created damage to other ship components along with containment breach concerns. Tests are underway to make this a more permanent speed, as the military stated they have a few goals they are wanting to be achieved soon. In more sociological news, ruins have been discovered on Seetha (1st planet in solar system). The government is not saying much at this time aside from "We are looking into what this find means to our empire as a whole, it is possible that we have a history unknown to all, just waiting to be discovered.

Log 160-164v1 CAD //01.22.2015

The ruling council the past few years has taken full control of communication networks in an effort to control Anti E movement. It has worked but at the same same time prevented the masses from being able to do much of anything. Fortunately for the ruling council, just prior to taking this freedom away Anti E protesters blew up an entire outpost colony killing thousands. Once the council revoked ALL communication networks, the masses were as happy as anyone could be with the choice. At least in the effort to save lives. What could have been a major win for Anti E, ended up being a near fatal mistake. As of now most Anti E members and sympathizers are in hiding. The military and government policing agencies during the communication black out controlled what was being transmitted threw out the empire. This in itself helped the military with many of its own projects. Many military leaders have been quoted "The next few years will bring many surprises." We do know that many projects that was halted the past few years are picking back up and or after a slow go, coming to completion. For the first time in many years the empire is showing signs of growth and happiness. The communications black out is over and phone calls to loved ones pack the telelines!

Log 149-159v1 CAD //09.18.2013

Protests have flared up all over the empire. Many different factions all wanting their voice heard. Anti E group has began regular open attacks on various government installations all across the planet. They have been successful in many attacks against key resource and technological areas. While not holding these locations long, they mostly abandon them in sight of full retaliation. When they abandon an area they strip it of goods and further damage it from use anytime soon. The ruling council has shifted spending from exploration and science to more military based objectives. More military vessels both planet and space based have been commissioned however none have been completed as of 159 CAD. Funds have been allocated to further research in weapons and armor.

Cargo vessels have spotted small ships flying quite fast in the outer rim of the solar system. However no reliable photos or data have been received. These ships are quite small, appearing from reports to only support 3-5 people and not designed for long duration flight.

Sadly this has been a dark time, while the citizens of the empire wait for the ruling council to calm the masses!

Log 139-149v1 CAD //09.11.2013

The past 10 years has been exciting and explosive for the RYE.

The FTL 2 project was a success and was recalled the "2.5 Find" in mid 141 CAD. Early on in the investigation to the previous failed attempt, it had been discovered that the plasma within the FTL drive over heated causing the ships safeties to drop it out of FTL to reduce the heat. However the ships computer had not factored in the extreme force that such a drop in speed would create on the ships structure. After discovering the two reasons for the failed attempt, it was fairly easy to know what needed to be done. First was to reduce the plasma temperature. Of the two problems this was by far the hardest. Dr. Illia Rich (V, 97) set forth on fixing the plasma over heating. In the past the plasma was entering the drive at what most believed to be just a normal range of temperatures for plasma. Illia, decided to super cool the plasma just before it enters the drive. So in between the plasma storage and the drive a new holding area was created. This is now know as the plasma coolant intermix. It does just what it says, it super cools the plasma by 80%, it turns into a greasy sludge and is just warm to the touch...however you still would not want to do that as it's radiation values are still high enough to kill in under 5 minutes. The next word "intermix" is were the true innovation came in. Tundel crystals have an extremely high melting points and on the molecular level twice that high before they start to break down. Illia, had crystals crushed down to near molecule size then mixed them with a gaseous placebo. Creating a new type of "Tundel Molecular Gas". This gas is injected into the plasma as it is being super cooled and just prior to being pumped into the FTL drive. What resulted was a cooler, richer plasma to burn in the drive increasing efficiency by well over 100%. When the Ramoria III, hit 2.0 for the first time the boards showed the temperature to be only about 30% of what was expected. Over the next few years test continued by removing FTL safeties and pushing the drive further. The drive was able to maintain 2.5 FTL for extended duration with only a 5% loss of plasma over a years run. In hopes, 2.6 trials were conducted but the Tundel molecules started to break down. Fortunately they broke down slow enough the ship could be slowed to safer speeds before an over heat situation. It is possible to push the drive to 2.6 and 2.7 if the captain is savvy enough to watch the indicators and has the engineering crew change out the damaged plasma. The second problem was the computer safeties...this was an easy fix, but most felt an immoral one. The computer was reprogrammed to be over written by command officers. Simply putting the controls back in the hands of life-forms and not the CPU.

Ramoria III, made the first round trip flight out side of our solar system on 145 CAD. It's destination was VHA499...182 days one way! (26 LY) The crew under the command of Captain Ricie Tysler (V, 114) was under orders to fly in and fly out. They did just that! Took a few photos and jumped back into FTL. They stayed on the outer edge of the system for only 2 hours. Upon return the crew was treated as heroes.

147 CAD, saw an up turn in violence not seen in a good 300 years. Anti E supporters commandeered a Mining Frigate with its full crew compliment. With in hours of the heist and under pursuit by R.E.S. Moon Chaser, the terrorists jettisoned the crew. Having no other options Moon Chaser, came to a stop and recovered the bodies. The Anti E got away with a massive prize, filled with ore and supplies. The frigate also housed 18 mining lasers, with few modifications they can easily be turned into military grade weapons. Knowing that the mining guilds are feared worse then the military, investigations are under way to try and explain how a grass roots organization could mount a successful and ballsy attack against them. The ship has not been seen in two years, and it is speculated that it had to be move to some sort of underground instillation an a moon. Navy ships have been combing the solar system ever since looking for it.

It was announced early this year (149 CAD) that Ramoria III would start regular survey missions to other solar systems

The new underwater complex that was started in 136 CAD, has slowed down since the "Mining Frigate" incident. The goods in that particular ship was bound for the project. The project expected to take just shy of 30 years will now take 40-50 years as the mining guilds attempt to locate more specialized ore for the projects most important structural pieces.

Log 129-139v1 CAD //09.05.2013

Plans for FTL 2, have failed with the tragic loss in 137 CAD of the test ship R.E.S. Ramoria II.
Ramoria achieved 1.95 FTL but was blown apart when it "Dead Stopped" after the FTL core over heated. This stop of more then .05 FTL per second jolted the ship tearing it apart instantaneously.
Since the failed attempt research teams have been trying to ascertain why the core over heated and are working on ways to mitigate extreme drops in speed. Crew of 37, under the command of Captain Op'Kilnt all lost.

Work has started off the northern coast of Capital Plains, on a new underwater complex. The vast over sized oceans on RYE Prime hold so many unexplored riches. This complex will be a larger and quite a bit deeper version of the underwater city in the ORE IT sea. The ORE IT sea city is only at most 30 feet under and houses ore miners and some small families. (250 pop at most). The new complex will use star ship technology to increase depth up to 1500 feet and house 20,000 residents. There will even be a nice tourist area. Construction is expected to take the next 10-15 years.

Anti empire supporters, have taken protests to new levels this past year (138 CAD). A small troop of the organization ANTI E, seized control of supplies headed to various areas of Tiegra Swamps. One security officer was killed, when he was jettisoned out of the transport craft over the ocean. The statement provided to the press; "These supplies belong to the hard working underclass that rich RYE and Vinnix families oppress. They made them possible, they have rights to them and they will receive them." Over the next few weeks, many crates were located throughout the impoverished sectors branded with the transports logos and id's.

End Log

This planet has 24 moons:
VHA503.3.1 ----- YOUR CHEATING BY READING THIS ----- The RYE are a self benefiting race via means of accidental time travel. The RYE created space travel after 1st creating combustion like solar system vessels. Early on they discovered wreckage on a planet near their own. The used this wreckage to create the bases for more advanced flight. Without knowing the sources of the wreckage they used it and moved forward. At some point during the exploration of space, early on an exploration vessel attempted to traverse a black-hole. The goal was to see what would happen by passing through the center. The crew knew the risks and further excepted the fact that death was guaranteed. As the crew passed through the center they were blessed to see a wormhole. They were thrust across the galaxy thousands of light years away appearing in the THON system. They were also throw back in time due to unknown spacial forces. The ship crash landed on a planet near by killing all but 2 of the crew. The planet was inhabited by a primitive culture, that was given benefit by the 2 survivors and the gifts of technology. This race eventually formed their own technology from the ones given and they had great aptitude to create new ones. In time the technology they created eclipsed the RYE. After years of hiding the truth of their initial technological growth, they decided to go in exploration to find out where the 2 benefactors came from. Having created better tech they were about to locate the black hole from the logs and entered it. They had also been able to create tech that allowed them to not be affected by time dilatation. Thus they entered and emerged at the same time. For a nano-second they existed in two places at once. While they came though the wormhole in their present it was still the past for the RYE. When they got to the RYE system they scanned the planets and realized that they were in the RYE''s past. They further realized that the RYE who came to them had been flung so far back in time that it was still the past for those 2 survivors. Wishing to meet others like the survivors they were sadden with this realization. They chose to establish an observation post near by and kept an eye on the RYE. Travelers made regular trips from RYE to THON for many years until one day travel stopped and those in RYE found themselves stranded. The THON, that got left in RYE sector,
VHA503.3.2 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.3 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.4 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.5 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.6 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.7 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.8 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.9 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.10 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.11 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.12 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.13 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.14 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.15 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.16 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.17 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.18 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.19 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.20 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.21 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.22 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.23 (no information available yet)
VHA503.3.24 (no information available yet)


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Incredible work, I now see that mine could use a lot more!!! Five Stars!!!
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Nice work.

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