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Planet Vhon -MILITARY & POLITICAL- in system RYE (VHA503)

RYE Prime
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139v2 CAD **MORE TO COME 09.09.2013**

From the office of political information,

RYE government is headed by a ruling council of 9 members. Policy empire wide is written and controlled by this council. Each member is not associated with a specific physical location, but rather a field of study. Most if not all conflict in RYE history has stemmed from localization conflict, mostly perpetrated by protectorate leaders. While the entire military falls under the command of the council, most military actions and allegiances are based on the local level. With in a protectorates borders the protectorate Governor's commands are second only to the council. Now add in ones pride or allegiance to their homeland and now the Governor has more power then the council, especially in regards to what everyone feels is best for the protectorate.

Current Council 139 CAD
HEAD Chair / Tuller Grant (V, 121)
SUB Chair / Tongo Leatho (V, 117)
AG Chair / Dodge Ratigo (R, 89)
MED Chair / Luna Prealo (V, 97)
SOCIAL Chair / Gongon Sam (R, 111)
MILITARY Chair / Tree'A'Barriee (R, 102, Grand General)
TECH Chair / Dall Vann (V, 122)
ED Chair / Millie Tanzer (V, 93)
AUX Chair / Teage Moraje (R, 87)

Military Command, is broken out by branch and then is moved down to the protectorate level. (See below for more info on the military branches)

Current Military Leaders 139 CAD
Tree'A'Barriee (sits on ruling council, see above)
Condor Britz (R, 88, General, Marines)
Shallor Guile (R, 99, Grand ADM, Navy)
Jhant (V, 101, ADM, Navy)

The statistics below for each protectorate is changing hourly and is only accurate as of this writing. Population, wealth etc...are always in flux. Over the years larger protectorates eat up smaller ones, and on a rare occasion a small break away is created. Mostly this is short lived. At one point there was over 1000 protectorates, now less then 30 off and on.
Protectorate Level leaders both political and military;

Vanixxia, 3 protectorates
1) Archadia, 27 million, High GNP, standing marines 86k
GOV. Tungo Dean (V, 103, Lord)
General Gadel Mrax (V, 107)
Archadia, is the oldest protectorate in the empire. It is were the Vinnix claim to have first been born. it is more of a protected sanctuary completed surrounded by the other two protectorates in Vanixxia.
Despite its low population the GOV of Archadia presides as the Lord of Vanixxia

2) Jin Coast, 112 million, Low GNP, standing marines 212k, navy 187k
GOV. Shin Collig (R, 99)
General "Steel" (R, 115)
Vice ADM Kelly Gret (R, 102)
Jin Coast, covers most of the coastal lands of Vanixxia and provides all naval support for the entire land mass. Under the treaty of Vanixxa Collective in 850 AD, the central control of Vanixxia was given to the GOV of Archadia while the most fertile lands and access to the ports was given to the majority of the RYE in Jin at the time. As shipping to Capital Plains became more prevalent, Jin was renamed and coast was added. The GOV of Jin Coast also made arrangements in 751 SI to maintain the only standing navy in Vannixia. The first RYE, came from somewhere within the Jin.

3) Tellor Snow Range, 78 million, Med GNP, standing marines 42k
GOV. Link Sellor (V, 87)
Brig GEN. Dijin Sinji (R, 105)
Tellor, has a very quiet population that is deliberately slow in life style. They have a few small ports on the southern point of the land mass, that is mostly snowed in year round. The standing marines are more of a low paid work force to keep the snow off the streets and work in the mines. Tellor is not only snowy but mountainous and most of the ore used for northern expansion to Capital Plains came from this protectorate. To this day, the population here enjoys a stable, quite lifestyle due to these exports.

Capital Plains, 8 protectorates
1) New Jin, 1.2 billion, Med GNP, standing marines 860k, navy 378k
GOV. Kellog Being (R, 120)
General "Amcon" (R, 103)
Admiral "Monsoon" (R, 117)
New Jin , is located on the southern coast of the land mass and is were the RYE first landed. It became the hub for everything going in and out of the plains. It goes without saying that this area boasted high populations and wealth for quite some time due to the constant flow of people and commerce. Most recently there has been a dramatic drop in this traffic and as such GNP has fallen, while the population has stagnated. New Jin, still maintains the 2nd largest navy of any protectorate and provides assistance with naval support to others.

2) The Core, 4.5 billion, majority Low GNP with pockets of Extremely High GNP, standing marines 1.7 million
The core is governed by the ruling council and military is ran by the above listed leaders.
The Core is completely landlocked and has a round shape the center of the core houses the ruling council building called the SEED. The rest of the protectorate radiates out from it. Only in the most center of the protectorate is there wealth and its so massive that it accounts for nearly 50% of all the wealth in the empire. There is only one other place that has a nearly equivalent wealth level. The standing marines here are not made up of members of the local populace. They are made up from the top 10% of military adept cadets on the entire planet. They are given a higher pay rate to serve in the CORE Army. Most that serve will end up with high paying civil jobs after leaving the military or will go on to high command positions threw-out the empire. The CORE Army is used in police actions and keep the peace...mostly.

3) Shullar, 1.1 billion, Med-High GNP, standing marines 644k, navy 120k
GOV. Olion V'in (V, 85)
General Fully Mador (V, 111)
Vice ADM Tunn Leek (V, 88)
Located on the west coast bordering New JIn, this was the first area were Vinnix settled away from RYE. The hope was to create their own nation. However this was doomed to failure, as the harsh riggers of colonization required the physical strength of RYE. The Vinnix here started to create a slave class of RYE. To this day Shullar is the only protectorate in Capital Plains were pure slavery still exists.

4) Trucandor, 1.3 billion, low GNP, standing marines 2.5 million, navy 1.5 million
GOV. "The Adjutant" (R, 117, former grand general)
Trucandor, dominates the eastern coastal regions of Capital Plains and is a military training ground for the vast majority of the empire. This once beautiful area was stripped of all its resources and left barren, by then however millions of RYE had already moved into the area. Now stuck with nothing to offer other protectorates. The decided to offer up the now depressing landscape as a place to send young recruits. They chose to make a living on military training and technology. Of the estimated 2.5 million marines only about 500k would claim allegiance to Trucsndor in the event of war.

5) Contor Forest, med-high GNP, 567 million, standing marines 412k, navy (canopy runners) 25k
GOV. Litlle Gones (V, 79)
Brig GEN. "Eden Rose" (V, 86)
Contor holds the last vestige of trees on this land mass, and it is impressive. Most of the trees tower well above the clouds. A truly unique city has been formed within the trees, there are no metal buildings here, everything is carved in the trees itself and done so in a fashion that the tree does not die but thrives. The technology to do this came to late to save what was once called the Greater Contor. The current protectorate is only 15% in size of the old forest. The navy here is not water born, but aerial in nature, troops are tough to traverse the tree tops. Military leadership is also restricted to Malla, Vinixx...as they are seen to be the mother of all that lives.

6) Yanta, 2.1 billion, med GNP, standing marines 895k, navy 152k
GOV. Dellon Tirr (R, 96)
General Xi' Kriton (R, 112)
Vice ADM Tully Roberts (V, 94)
Yanta is one of those less then remarkable places, many people say it were you go when you want a break from it all. You just go to work and come home...the local leaders are happy about this. They have spent hundreds of years to make a low crime, low stress protectorate. Even more amazing every time they have been involved in conflict, it never happened on home soil. Leaders also boast that due to the calm environment, many notable people have been born and raised in the protectorate. However these notable people for one reason or another, have always left Yanta...never looking back.

7) Enchata, 1.2 billion, low-med GNP, standing marines 743k, navy 87k
GOV. Wattle Mijin (R, 94)
Field Marshal "Iron" (R, 121, also commands the navy)
Enchata is located on the north eastern side of Capital Plains, but does not have a large coast line. It is however just north of Trucandor. This has created a unique symbiosis, both protectorate deal heavily with military. Enchata, takes in military rejects or military master minds and in turn these individuals become mercenaries. While being mostly for hire they do fight for the protectorate and they are quite good at it. Over the centuries, countless attacks have been made to restructure this protectorate and align it to a more malleable culture. Each time is meet with devastating results for the attacker. With each win Enchata get more powerful. (Criminals also come here from all over, due to no extradition and jobs as mercenaries)

8) ORE IT LAUNCH, 572 million, low-med GNP standing marines 0, navy 187k
Administrator Sionma Truith (R, 117)
Naval Cord. Donello Tegg (R, 89)
This protectorate, used to be comprised of many smaller ones how ever all combined they were quite larger then its current size. As these protectorates got eaten up and the profile of the are was calming down, the mining guilds moved in and cut a deal with the ruling council. They agreed to no standing troops except for a navy to protect mining interests in ORE IT. The council agreed and allowed the guilds to turn the area into a company ran piece of property. Being said there are some unique laws. One law states it is illegal to be unemployed, thus you must be working in a guild recognized job or face jail. Another law states that you must get a licences to have a child, failure to do so will result in banishment from the protectorate. That being said, there is only a couple localized schools. Lastly, the protectorate suffers from high crime as all sorts of contraband is shipped in and out of the no-government regulated ports. Drugs, weapons, slaves and much more. It is over looked for the most part as it is claimed the mining guilds get a cut of the sales.

Tiegra Swamps, 5 protectorates
1) Tiegra Landing, 752 million, High GNP, standing marines 895k, navy 115k
GOV. Dresden Yunts (V, 114)
General Krivol Li' Pol (V, 89)
ADM Rissel Mikes (V, 97)
Tiegra Landing, is the gateway port to the land mass, it holds the only coast of the entire mass were ships can safely land. Other areas can host small personal craft, but these are mostly used for illegal purposes. The landing is also were the first settlements were build and from this protectorate the rest of the swamps were colonized. The residents here benefit from a nice city lifestyle with decent wealth made from the entire land mass. The shipping departments and pharmaceutical branches of the mining guilds hold large interest here. Along with the other protectorates in Tiegra, the landings has been involved in many wars to maintain a Vinixx controlled landmass.

2) The Boggs, 253 million, Med GNP, standing marines 365k, swamp navy 45k
GOV. Thanjoy Freets (R, 89)
Colonel Tucker Tesso (V, 97)
Commodore Deeso Mallto (R, 103)
The Boggs, houses one of the largest RYE populations in Tiegra. Aside from the mining areas... The Boggs is were most of the medicinal products that are exported come from. Farms and swamp cultivation are wide spread and civic areas are loosely maintained. Other then the magnetic mountains The Boggs take up a very large percent of the land mass. The Boggs draw most of its defense and delegate leadership from time to time to Tiegra Landing. Politically speaking The Boggs are often treated as the little brother...that just happens to be over sized =P.

3) Magnetic Range, 279 million, Low-Med GNP, standing marines 740k, no navy
GOV. Reicee Gran (R, 87)
General Olian Keels (V, 115)
MR as most call it is 2nd only in ore production to ORE IT, save for new mining in space. The only thing holding back this region from surpassing ORE IT and rivaling space mining is the magnetic interference. Many deposits can not be reached or mined easily without serious complications due to magnetic interference. never the less at the base of many of the mountains there are thriving ore mines. The money made from these exports however does not stay here, thus causing a poor and pissed off social underclass of workers. (Mostly RYE) This is one reason for a large standing marine force in comparison to population size. Both the ruling council and the mining guilds work together to keep the piece here and the ore flowing.

4) North Banks, 115 million, low GNP, militia 58k, merchant navy 15k
Sheriff Ty Benton (R, 131)
North Banks has a very small coastal section open to send a receive ships. Located far away from the civilized world as many call it, it has become a refuge for smugglers and criminals. The ruling council set up the area for RYE to gain a foothold on Tiegra, as to not allow the Vinnix to have unchallenged control. Sadly much bloodshed was made over this choice and the protectorate was beat back past the swamps to the coast. The ruling council conceded to Vinnix pressure turned the protectorate into more of a police state. The RYE who find themselves living here are nothing more then beaten and broken. Most who are born here are ashamed and chose not to travel. The only money coming into this region comes from rich Vinnix research companies launching from the docks to Zii and Planoria, however that is drying up due to other modes of transportation gaining popularity.

5) Fellies, 429 miliion, Med GNP, standing marines 427k, no navy
GOV. Ticy Shandello (V, 112)
General Lacy Marinto (V, 89)
Fellies, is one of the few areas that hosts dry, open land very similar to Capital Plains. Due to its biome make up it has become very easy to grow and sprawl out a very nice urban center. Most all products made in Tiegra are refined and warehoused here before going to docks and shipped off. Anything being flown off Tiegra ships out of the Fellies air complex. Fallies also house one of the two space ports in the empire. Fallies space complex has brought in high-end jobs recently and the GNP is steadily rising. With this new growth in commerce there has been more RYE moving into what is other wise a Vinnix controlled society. The tensions have started to grow and the future is uncertain on the potentially dangerous situation.

Zii, 2 protectorates
1) Fanda Coast, 85 Million, Med GNP, standing marines 97k, navy 15k
Overseer Callor Denn (R, 114)

2) Zii Diggs, 42 million, Low GNP, standing marines 27k, no navy
Sub-seer Tangol Denn (R, 65)

Zii protectorates are ran by overseers that control all aspects both politically and militarily. They also follow rules of heraldry, Fanda's overseer is over the entire landmass and out ranks his son who is the Sub-seer of Diggs. Fanda Coast is the entry port for everything coming and going from Zii, were as Zii Diggs mines up the crystals found under the sands. Due to the large size of the land mass it was necessary to split it into two protectorates. The ruling council keeps a keen eye on Zii and its leadership, for fear that it could try and become its own nation. While it would be crushed easily, its still best to keep strong hands and save lives. Zii, has become much more self sufficient since the inventions of desert farming. Now there is no need to rely heavily on food supplies from other areas of the empire.

Planoria, 2 protectorates
1) Fresh Still, 287 million, Med GNP, standing marines 267k, navy 86k
President Zull (V, 136)
General Tellro Miller (V, 124)

Fresh Still, is a virtual wonderland of unique creatures not seen anywhere else on the planet. The unique water found here has created an entirely new eco-system. The residents that have moved here are quite content on the new surroundings, and with various medical help have became used to drinking fresh water. Others visiting must take shots or pills until the body can process the fresh water. Both protectorates in Planoria benefit from the exports of the unique fauna, along with vast amounts of fresh water that is used in industrial and technological uses. Due to the great distance and having to be acclimated to the protectorates in Planoria house larger troops totals then other place. However there has been no talk of political unrest, the ruling council leave Planoria alone mostly and are content with the deliberately relaxed life style here.

2) Green Forrest, 115 million, Med GNP, standing marines 187k. no navy
Lt. Gov. Shullo Ti' Huly (V, 97)
Lt General Kipp Stroger (R, 91)

This area of Planoria, has the largest bio diversity other then the oceans found on this side of the planet. The small mammals here make for great pets and are shipped all over the empire. However they only drink fresh water, there is a constant need for pet owners to buy gallons of water too, thus creating a stable and sustaining economy. Food low in acid are also grown and shipped out from here. Mostly an agrarian nation, of mild people. The only thing that holds both protectorates in Planoria from becoming financially powerful is the lack of metals and mining.

Special none affiliated protectorates 5
Tiegra Heights
Great Blue Atoll
Zii Ruins
Gunth Island

I Have been asked to move the ship info to another page =P
Also my little post below has been forced down in this page. I really hate how politicians think they are better then the military that protects them.

Stand at attention if your going to read this page! Yes, don't look behind you...I'm talking directly to you!
My name is Admiral Jhant, I used to be a General. Then some politician said "Space ship...space SHIP...its a ship, like a damn boat. Change Jhant's title."
Now I'm some sissy navy guy! So, I did the only thing respectable...I asked for reassignment. I was hoping they would call me general again. NOPE, they assigned me to the F* academy!!!
My job is now to educate you lookie loo's on how things in the RYE EMPIRE Navy runs. I'll be quick and concise, maybe...

There are 2 military branches. Navy, that consists of planet based ships and space ships. Those serving in space must have first served 10 years on a "water" ship and then take various certification courses. Selection and competition is so harsh that its nearly like winning the lottery to earn a position in space. The other branch is the Marines, this branch was once two branches but over the years due to the versatility the marines absorbed the plains solders **ARMY** and the plains solders was disbanded. Marines are mostly land based, but also serve on ships. They are responsible for the brawn and dirty work.

Currently there is 9 FTL ships in our solar system. 4 are military and the other 5 are civilian. Wait! Did I say 4 military??? Ah crap, never mind the gantigor **CAT** is outta the bag.

There is two classes of military ships, crappy and just a slight less crappy. Um...well sorry that is how I feel. I disapprove of anything that can blow up and kill good, hard working solders at any time.
All joking aside we do have two classes, a small explorer class and the solar defender class. Not sure what its defending us from, but hey I guess its better to be safe then sorry. The defender's carry a compliment of marines. You can never have enough of those RYE on stand by if a war breaks out =P

There is also a really nice space station in orbit. We call it the fun house...its a tad bigger then it needs to be, with very small halls that wind around. There has been many a report of solders going missing on the station. The bodies have never been found. Sadly after it was completed, internal schematics went missing, so most of the station is unused s we can't find our way back to the inhabited sections!

Currently there is one explorer and two defenders in the fleet. "What! The fourth ship I mentioned above? NO, not saying anything else about that one."

This planet has 21 moons:
VHA503.4.1 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.2 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.3 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.4 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.5 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.6 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.7 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.8 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.9 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.10 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.11 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.12 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.13 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.14 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.15 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.16 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.17 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.18 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.19 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.20 (no information available yet)
VHA503.4.21 (no information available yet)


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