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Planet in system Wake (WAK883)


yellow dwarf star

The Ale-Turan vessel, Vengeance found itself here following it's Faze from the Origine system. Captain Hexas ordered a full diagnostic of the navigation program, and his crew discovered an "organic growth" throughout the ship's mainframe. The Ale-Turans initiated a thorough decontamination protocol. Two days later, Science Officer Jurat made the following entry in his log:


Wake System-788-9

Finally having a little luck slowing this Origine Creeper. Hexas flooded the cooling bay with radiation and that curbed the organism's incredible growth rate. The entire crew has been quarantined to the aft section to avoid contamination. Now he wants to assign some of the Fori to go in and burn them out. I'm through arguing with him. He is absolutely convinced that the prisoners are lying and that this infestation is pure coincidence.

There is nothing more I can do for him, my only concern now is getting off of this ship alive. I'm going to make for the shuttle bay and see if I can find a pilot on the way, one who I can convince to leave with me. Unfortunately, I've already been disciplined for insubordination, and made myself a pariah on board. If things get really desperate, I'll spring the Pirates from Holding.

At least they know the stakes.

I've downloaded everything I could get on the Origine Creeper. All of my findings.

To summarize. The Origine Creeper is not just a mold, it is a self-aware super colony capable of rapid mutation and a supernatural growth rate. I believe that what we are seeing here is just the first stage of it's development.

If you accept the story that Prisoners Angredior and Xarita are telling (and I do), then the next stage will be the Spore Phase. Wherein the Creeper infects our crew with some sort of mind-controlling parasite. Hexas has even done half the Creeper's job by massing all of the crew members together. By my projections this ship will be under the Creeper's control in less than twelve hours, and what happens then is impossible to predict. Maybe, once it has infested the whole ship, some third stage of development will kick in and the Creeper will just die out. Or try and breach the hull and destroy itself in the vacuum of space.

However, if I'm right, and this thing is intelligent, it may use it's "slaves" to pilot the ship. I just don't know.

With any luck, I can reach Gamma Base before the Vengeance.


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