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Planet Karkarrum in system Eternity (MEJ850)




Karkarrum is a truly odd planet. It is a jungle world, abundant with natural resources ranging from iron ore, bauxite, crude oil, to uranium, coal, and some atmospheric helium. Its most technologically advanced inhabitants (Kardonians) are extremely wary of stripping it of its natural wonders. However, data obtained during the Alashran invasion from the next-door planet of Sparta showed them how to fashion nuclear weapons, using both the uranium and atmospheric hydrogen to make bombs. Eventually, the Alashrans left, after a forty-year guerilla campaign by the natives, although no nuclear weaponry was actually employed by either side.


Kardonians are a hardy people. They are (in the broadest sense of the word) humanoid, although they have four long, slender arms, are around 6' 11" [~2ยท108 metres] in height; this is due to the low gravity of their planet although this shape also allows them to lose excess heat more efficiently. Adult Kardonians have a large "crown" of multi-coloured feathers growing from their heads, similar to a peacock. They also have three pairs of eyes: one pair where a human's would be, one pair just above them, and one on either side of their heads, just in front of where a human's ears would be. All six eyes can see in the infra red region as well as what humans would call "visible light", and can re-grow if lost or damaged. Kardonians also have green or blue skin, (other colours are rare mutants; they would probably see a human and think them to be quite odd) and are omnivorous and can actually photo-synthesise to a small extent. Typically, Kardonians eat plant matter, often supplementing their diets with some of the small creatures with whom they share the jungles of their world. They are quite passive in nature (much more so than humans), although repeated contact with the near by Alashrans (who are quite belligerent when resources are concerned), has forced them to create weapons, including nuclear ones. Also of note is the fact that like all other life forms on Karkarrum, Kardonians are carbon based. They typically live for around 150 years, (Earth years, for convenience) although the oldest ever Kardonian died at the age of 240.

Intelligence and Technology.

Although much more intelligent than humans, they prefer to live as one with the land, mainly in nomadic communities, (with a few permanent settlements, no bigger than around one thousand - these are also where the planet's nuclear weapons are stored) since this puts far less strain on the abundant resources. Indeed, a human might see this world from the outside as some form of "paradise" due to this.

[NOTE.] Although Kardonians are comparable in many ways to humans, they have never actually met one another. Such references are simply to allow readers to imagine what they look like.

This planet has 2 moons:
Tarnus (no information available yet)
Lokki (no information available yet)


Planetary Orbits


This solar system belongs to user 'awkos272'.


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