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Planet Alita in system Solona (LAA135)

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Alita is a continental world, with a breathable atmosphere. It's surface contains oceans, forests, plains, deserts, jungles, marshes and tundras, in addition to 2 ice caps on the top and bottom of the planet. Alita has an axis tilt, giving it seasons but of considerable length due to Alita's rotational period. Plants and animals live on Alita, but no intelligent life has evolved on it. 4 of it's 7 moons also have a breathable atmosphere.

This planet has 7 moons:
Alita 1 Inhospitable, no atmosphere. Basically another round rock in space.
Alita 2 Breathable atmosphere, mostly desert and some mountains. Either very hot or very cold.
Alita 3 Hospitable, 17 percent covered in water, the rest mostly jungle. Unknown if the ecosystem is related to Alita's own.
Alita 4 Breathable atmosphere somewhat thicker and more ozone concentrated than Alita, allowing less sunlight to reach the surface. Very mountainous mostly being tundra and arctic. Ice covers the moon.
Alita 5 Atmosphere contains some oxygen, but it's cracked and constantly moving surface makes it inhospitable. Volcanoes erupt constantly putting ash and other metals into the air. Molten rock flows nearly everywhere. Breathing is possible with breath masks or other devices that can concentrate the oxygen in the air.
Alita 6 Inhospitable and very thick atmosphere made up of hydrogen and helium.
Alita 7 Breathable atmosphere, about 90 percent of the moon is covered in water with small islands also present. Contains no ice caps and has no seasons, and has a constant warm temperature. Contains plant and animal life in the oceans and on the islands, but the ecosystem is not as complex as the ones found on Alita and Alita 3. Islands tend to be volcanic and sandy, as some sink into the ocean others will rise in a never ending cycle (not on a daily basis!) due to volcanic activity and active plate tectonics. A perfect spot in the galaxy for geologists and vacationers.


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gehenna - december 17, 2017:
Nice.. i like the descriptions of the moons of alita 3.
dragonspice - january 7, 2013:
Looking good.
asuras - november 7, 2012:
very cool ;) but is there more ? 😀

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