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Planet Tark in system Sayos (NEC218)

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Dominant Life Form: Tark IV is the fourth planet in the Sayos system, home to a group of relocated, genetically altered Neanderthals known as Udok (oo-dock). Udok anatomy is more robust and cold adapted than modern humans. Udok males average 121.92 cm (48 in) and females 106.68 cm (42 in) tall. The average weight for males is 46 kg, and 42 kg for females. Udok heads are shorter and with a less pronounced facial front. Chin and forehead slope backwards and the nose region protrude forward. The common shapes of the nose are more robust, and the ears are large and pointed. Udok are hairy, with males producing extensive beards. Females have a fringe of light hair extending nearly to the chin. Udok live in vast, subterranean communities.

Planetary Features: Tark is a rugged and geographically diverse planet. Tark is known for its natural diversity and is home to features ranging from arid deserts with sand dunes to thriving pine forests in mountain valleys. Tark features a dry, semi-arid to arid climate, although its many mountains feature a large variety of climates, with the highest points in the Helk Mountains being above the timberline. Tark''''s temperatures are extreme, with cold temperatures in the mountainous areas due to its elevation, and very hot summers (with the exception of mountain areas and high mountain valleys). Tark is 22% water and 78% land. There is one large ocean, two large inland seas, and several salt lakes.

Yaradan- The Creator
Nokzamorrun- Great Cavern. Udok afterlife.
Dothnuri- 9 guardians of the creator Yaradan.
Lok- The Destroyer. Fallen Dothnuri.
Yanan Chol- The Burning Wasteland. Home of Lok. Believed by some to be the Zinto Desert.
Dimun- Fallen
Motsognir and Karasi- the first Udok created by Yaradan.
Dold- Hidden. Udok that live in the Zinto Desert. Deformed by radiation. They are smaller than the unaffected Udok, with wrinkled faces, upturned noses, hairless scalps, and hands with three fingers and two thumbs. One thumb growing where the smallest finger of a normal hand would be. The Zinto was formed by the crash of the alien ship that captured, genetically altered, and bred the Udok for slave labor. Forgotten by the Tark bound Udok, those that settled the area, generations ago, were forever altered by the radiation. The radiation has subsided, and life is returning to the region. The Dold scavenge metal from the remains of the ship, and trade it with nearby Dazahk.
Muglumps- Three legged fungi/animal hybrid that lives underground. Used as a food source.
Grintle- large subterranean insect used for food. Harvested in both larval and adult form.
Water Catchers- large mushrooms that collect water that drips from cave ceilings.
Lok''''s Beard- Hair like lichen that has a symbiotic relationship with Purple Cap, and Rope Moss. All three grow together in clumps throughout the underground.
Purple Cap- Bioluminescent Mushroom.
Rope Moss- Moss, whose fibers are used to make rope and clothing.
Nomi- Alphabet used by literate Udok.
Otak- A board game similar to Earth chess.
Tholdeg- Deep Way- Religious belief, and a quasi-religious survival manuscript said to be inspired by Yaradan.
Telban- Largest community of Udok. In the caverns under Thek.
Thek- The Claw- Mountain located in the Helk mountain range.
Dazahk- Above ground community near Thek. A Telban colony founded by explorer, Nildur Krelt.
Roga- Partially underground city in the Krolgar Mountains North of the Zelwyn Sea.
Ungorung- Partially underground city in the Zark Mountains.
Kranok, Vulsh, Nuluk, and Fromlekkar- Cliff dwelling tribal communities of Dold in the Zinto Desert.
Gund- Partially underground community in the Tok Mountains.

Mountain Ranges: Helk, Krolgar, Tok, and Zark
Major Forests: Norweg, Weig, and Sarnok
Major Bodies of Water: The Great Water, Zelwyn Sea, Zelwyn River, Garn Sea, Garn River that ends in the Tarn Delta.

Prayer to Yaradan. Found in the Tholdeg:

You who gave us Tholdeg.
You, who roam through the dark regions of Tark, glowing like a fire out of the depths.
You, who are the fire that points the way to Nokzamorrun.
You, who are the Heart of the Mountain.
Protect us and make us strong!

Tark IV

Map of Telban

Udok Female and Male

Dold Female and Male

Muglumps, Grintle, Purple Cap, Rope Moss, and Lok''''''''''''''''s Beard

Various animals compared to the Udok Telban Krelt

Various animals of Tark

Udok and Dold of Tark

Nomi Writing System

This planet has 15 moons:
Kel (no information available yet)
Dar (no information available yet)
Tola (no information available yet)
Zef (no information available yet)
Varlorm (no information available yet)
Selt (no information available yet)
Zahn-yo (no information available yet)
Jun (no information available yet)
Snold (no information available yet)
Nebel (no information available yet)
Surtat (no information available yet)
Fronko (no information available yet)
Wendol (no information available yet)
Qoranth (no information available yet)
Yoon (no information available yet)


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