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Planet Tundaloth in system Darwin Arae (TAE557)

  Amesos   Koralia   Crylzil Sen     Ryoobah  
  Nabrinmir   Isuriara   Valinorr   Othidos Kes   Athoth   Cellesteica  
Tak Ogom
  Chrasnar   Harsnos   Meronn  


Tundaloth is a cold, dusty desert world, in the final stages of terraforming. Tundaloth has mainly a harsh rocky landscape, and Tundaloth has a thick breathable atmosphere. Tundaloth is orbited by four rather large moons, which have a subtle tidal effect on the planet''s liquid core and underground springs. Tundaloth has no surface water except for the small amount of frozen water inside of glaciers at the planet''s poles, and there is also water deep in underground aquifers which are heated by the planet''s core.

Tundaloth is a planet of extremes: dry, rocky landscapes of cold deserts, mountain ranges with mist-covered peaks, shadowy valleys, alternate with snowy wastes, joined by a lush temperate strip of land on the equator which contains much of the planet''s population. This planet serves mainly as a prison colony where thousands prisoners from all around the Darwin Arae Empire have been deported, however many other people live here as well, mainly in large cities within the temperate region. The total population of Tundaloth is about 140 million, most of whom are Koralians, however many Rydial people live here as well, because conditions here are very similar to those on their home planet. Previously uninhabitable, Tundaloth has no native species however many species of animals as well as aquatic animals have migrated to Tundaloth with the help of the Koralian people.

Tundaloth is quite abundant in natural rescources such as gold, silver and platinum, germanium and gallium, therefore mining operations on the planet are booming. Tundaloth''s volcanic activity ceased eons ago. The last recorded volcanic eruption was about 40,450 Koralian years ago which was recorded by telescopes from the surface of Koralia long before the Darwin Arae Empire began to terraform the world.

This planet has 4 moons:
Nasicant Nasicant is an irregularly shaped object, about 900km across. Nasicant is thought to be a large asteroid that strayed too close to planet Tundaloth and was captured by the planet's gravitational pull. Nasicant is covered in an organic, dense grimy tar-like substance and has no atmosphere. Nasicant is uninhabited, however the Darwin Arae Empire has set up an unmanned robotic station here that tracks space debris in the general area. Nasicant is tidally locked to Tundaloth, and completes an orbit every 6 days..
Yaeledra Yaeledra is a large spherical satellite, at about 3700km across. Yaeledera is covered in ancient lava plains with few craters or crevaces. Yaeledra has a total population of about 2,000 people, most of whom are Qiramese and Apraguan. Yaeledra is rich in precious minerals such as gold and platinum, which makes it both a popular commercial and recreational mining destination. The moon is tidally locked to Tundaloth and has a strange gravitational relationship with the planet. In fact, this moon has such a powerful gravitational pull that it is gradually pushing the furthest of Tundaloth's moons into interplanetary space. Yaeledra completes an orbit every 30 days and has a substantial atmosphere consisting of hydrogen, oxygen and trace gasses, allowing the Apraguan people to survive without protective gear, however other species inhabiting this moon must wear protective gear in order to stay alive.
Neomea Neomea is by far the largest of moon in the Tundaloth system, at about 4000km across. Neomea holds a substantial atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen. Neomea is shrouded in thick yellow clouds. there is almost constant precipitation of liquid natural gas in Neomea's upper atmoshphere which create huge gaseous surface clouds. Neoma is dotted by islands and archipelagos scattered around the globe which is covered mostly by an ocean of liquid water. Neomea's climate is temperate in most areas. Currently about 900 million people of many different species live here, most of whom are Koralians, and most who live here are in some way connected to the Darwin Arae Empire's natural gas refining bases on this moon. Neomea completes an orbit every 30 days, and is not tidally locked to Tundaloth.
Dayidlag Dayidlag is a smallish moon, about 400km across. Unlike most other celestial bodies rich in natural rescources within the Darwin Arae Empire, Dayidlag has been virtually unmined or unexploited. This moon has a frigid uninviting surface of jagged mountain ranges and nearly bottomless craters. Dayidlag is uninhabited, however the Darwin Arae Empire has constructed an unmanned anti-matter weapon testing facility on this moon that is controlled by a network of advanced computers on the planet Tundaloth. Dayidlag completes an orbit every 90 days.


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gehenna - may 31, 2015:
Nice, that chronology is awesome. Kudos.
thebigh - december 29, 2011:
Excellent. 😀

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