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Planet Arkona in system Shravana (VBJ611)

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  Kryasania   VBJ611.14 Aketi   VBJ611.15 Geryon  


Home to Lady Indigo and her mate Halrakk Balestar. This Illrian couple is extremely wealthy, owning several of the largest industries and research centers, founders of Arkona's Superior Studies University, their eldest daughter, Xaandrya Balestar, is the current Matriarch of Stone Fang Clan and System Governor. Lady Indigo declined to become Matriarch in favor of having a quiet life with her mate on her den in Nimmara forest (Her territory, about the size of Earth's Austria) at the edge of Kristalmist mountains.

Even when most of the six other clans left Arkona to colonize other systems, some of the eldest families of the clans decided to stay.

The planet has vast and lush forests on most of it's surface and is a hub of commerce and scientific investigation and research in this area of the galaxy.

Major industry types on Arkona:

Electronics and Cybernetics
Super Computers/Starship Computers
Starship Drive Cores
Starship Construction Yards (both civilian and military)
Starship Components
Wood (furniture, indoor paneling, etc.)
Aquaculture (seafood production for home consumption and export)
Pharmaceutics (OmegaPharma, has planetside installations and 2 stations in orbit for product that requires zero G to manufacture)
Agriculture (heavy on hydroponics, there's cultivable land also)
Consumer product manufacturing

Gladsheim Research station at Lagrange point 1
OmegaPharma pharmaceutics station at Lagrange point 2
Landaali trade station at Lagrange point 3

94% Illrian
6% Other races

Illrians of renown:

Lady Indigo Balestar (+/- 11,000 years old) now of Clan Stone Fang.
A very attractive Illrian female, 1.80 mts tall, regal in poise, piercing ice blue eyes and her fur coat is a rare indigo in color with darker shades on some parts of her body, highly intelligent and wise.

The history of this female is known only to herself (and some of it by her mate), she is nearly eleven thousand years old (Told ya! crazy, funny and whacky RP). She was a member of the Red Forest clan, one of the clans wiped out during the one of the many wars that plagued the clans in the time of strife in Arkona, and was a wanderer long before that moving from one place to another, from clan to clan, fighting in the wars, learning from the best Illrian minds in history, traveling among the stars when FTL became available, living for years on different worlds until her wanderlust was sated and returned to Arkona where she settled at Nimmara forest and built her den there where she has lived as a hermit tired of life, watching those she loved age and die.

Along her life she amassed a vast fortune that she used to acquire or invest in property and industry, sometimes making her way into society and holding positions in clan councils to steer society or individuals along a desired path for the advancement of the society or the individual. An artisan and craftmistress of considerable skill, her works are sought by collectors and connoisseurs and fetch high prices (assuming she makes her works known and wants to sell them).

She has lived a lonely life, not engaging in anything romantic for years, until she met Halrakk, his sure attitude, cheeky wit and humor, and strong physique awakened a feeling in her that she had no idea she could feel again, love. They had a rocky and turbulent beginning which ended with her becoming his mate a couple of months later, and since she had no family name of her own (or maybe she had thousands of years ago but forgot about it) took his family name as her own.

Halrakk Balestar (145 years old) of Clan Stone Fang.
Illrian male, 1.77mts tall, with a muscular build, red eyes and coal black fur coat.
Third son out of five siblings. After graduating as a mechanical engineer he enrolled in the military, after 15 years and reaching the rank of Colonel he left the military and became a mercenary, fighting among the stars, from one conflict to another, he surprised himself to see how good he was a it.
After many years fighting he wanted a glorious death, to go out in a blaze of glory, a last fight that would be remembered for hundred of years. Never happened. While on leave in Arkona he met Indigo, the most wonderful and beautiful female he had ever met, the beginnings of their relationship were rocky and turbulent to say the least, two creatures with strong characters clashing, insults and a few blows sometimes ended up in a love so strong that they cannot see life without the other anymore (and the sex was sooooo good that even the neighbors had a cigarette), he gave his heart and soul to her (which she keeps in a jar above the fireplace), he also suspects of her being a Goddess forgotten by time and people on account of her being so old, but she does not say, he does not ask, and frankly, he does not give a damn.

Lady Indigo and Halrakk Balestar live in her den in Nimmara forest, proud parents of (to the last count and if he hasn't missed a child on said count) 47 children (very intelligent, genius or above), some of which hold top positions in Arkona's government and various research centers, specially on Gladsheim Station), their eldest daughter, Xaandrya Balestar, is the current Matriarch of Stone Fang Clan in Arkona and Shravana System Governor.

Unknown to him (and his family) after receiving a blood transfusion from his mate Indigo due to him being seriously wounded after recovering a relic sword from some ancient Ilrian ruin, his life span will be greatly increased beyond the normal average of 220 years of the Illrian.

This couple is incredibly wealthy, owning some of the largest industries in Arkona and several large space stations (Gladsheim research station and Landaali trade station being two of them) and shipyards.

Lady Indigo is a psionicist (Her abilities, literally, are off the charts), the strongest in the whole Illrian Coalition of Worlds but this is known only to her family, and her mate Halrakk is the current Warmaster of the Illrian Coalition of Worlds.


This planet has 2 moons:
Tethi This moon, Tethi, was converted into a vast amusement park, and it has something for everyone, young and old, from casinos to aquatic parks and VR entertainment centers, roller coasters and more traditional amusement park entertainments, zero-G sports arenas, theaters with live performances, studios where you can act your own holomovie and a lot more. Tethi has an extensive cave system where 3D labyrinths with varying sizes and difficulties can be enjoyed, some have puzzles of different kinds that need to be solved before being allowed to continue.
Vorak (no information available yet)


Planetary Orbits


This solar system belongs to user 'gehenna'.


homelessdave - march 9, 2015:
An interesting and well-written system.
dragonspice - february 16, 2015:
Interesting system. Liked the Cube story.

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