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Planet Ryoobah in system Darwin Arae (TAE557)

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The existence of Ryoobah has been discerned for more than 50,000 years, and is currently being used as a manned military outpost station located in the planet's equatorial region, holding top secret weapons of mass destruction in large environmentally controlled bunkers, manufactured by the Darwin Arae Empire.

Ryoobah's surface is composed entirely of massive ice shields and various mountain ranges that jot the surface.

Ryoobah's atmosphere is thin, and is composed of mainly of oxygen. Ryoobah is home to about 100,000 people, of the Qiramese, Koralian and Rydial races, all of whom are in some way connected with the military operations here, however those who live here must wear protective gear in order to stay alive due to the lack of atmosphere, and unpleasant, freezing temperatures.

Ryoobah is home to an unmanned remote outpost station located on the planet's south pole, that monitors the activity of the planets in the mid solar system.

This planet has 2 moons:
Hirom Hirom is a tiny irregularly shaped moon, at only about 3km in diameter. Hirom chaotically tumbles in a highly eliptical orbit around Ryoobah, Hirom completes an orbit around Ryoobah every 8 days. Hirom, (like Hurom) is not a place of interest to the Darwin Arae Empire and is uninhabited. Consisting of silicate rock and water ice, Hirom is probably an asteroid that was caught by Ryoobah's gravity eons ago.
Hurom Hurom is a tiny irregularly shaped moon, consisting mainly of iron and nickel. Hurom is about 2km in diameter, the moon is uninhabited and currently not a place of interest to the Darwin Arae Empire. Hurom completes an orbit around Ryoobah every 88 days.


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This solar system belongs to user 'gavino29'.


gehenna - may 31, 2015:
Nice, that chronology is awesome. Kudos.
thebigh - december 29, 2011:
Excellent. 😀

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