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Planet Gamboodor in system Darwin Arae (TAE557)

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Gamboodor is a frigid wasteland, widely considered to be the strangest planet in the Darwin Arae system. Gamboodor's appearance is constantly changing due to the constant movement of the planet's tectonic plates, therefore Gamboodor has a a relatively smooth surface. Gamboodor is covered in a thick silt-like iron rich soil that sticks to anything it may come in contact with.

Every Gamboodorian year a massive dust storm coats the the planet's upper atmosphere, causing the temperature of Gamboodor to plummet hundreds of degrees lower than it's average temperature.

Gamboodor is uninhabited, however there are several unmanned outpost stations that monitor Gamboodor's seasonal variations. Gamboodor's heated core is rapidly spinning creating a huge magnetic field that reaches nearly to the orbit of Nabrinmir.

Gamboodor's ring system are the remnants of a large moon perhaps, that got too close to Gamboodor and was essentially ripped apart by Gamboodor's powerful gravitational pull.

This planet has 5 moons:
Niome Niome, the smallest moon in the Gamboodor system is about 7km across. Niome is an egg shaped asteriod that was caught by Gamboodor's gravitational pull, likely eons ago. Niome is a turbulent moon that spins wildly on it's axis, one day on Niome only lasts 1.15 hours, making the moon only visible in small increments on Gamboodor's surface. Niome's surface is uninhabited however, an unmanned Helium-3 refining base is stationed on the South pole of the small moon. Niome completes an orbit every 15 hours and is not tidally locked to Gamboodor. Due to the eccentricity of Niome's orbit, in about 3 million years, the moon will impact the surface of Gamboodor.
Plotor Plotor is a rather large shperical moon at about 110km across. Plotor is a strange moon, massive caverns exist miles below the visible surface, oxygen, and liquid water are present here, the water in these caverns is heated, due to convection from the spinning core. Plotor consists mainly of a huge molten core, surrounded by a mantle of mainly nickel, and a surface composed mainly of iron-rich rock. Plotor is a very active moon, both volcanically, and atmospherically, with substantial atmosphere consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen. The surface of plotor is scarred with massive impact craters, canyons, ancient river-beds, ravignes, and volcanic activity. One day on Plotor lasts about 12 hours and Plotor completes an orbit around Gamboodor in about 20 days. Those whom live on Plotor are mainly those known as The Dark Legion. The Dark Legion are essentially a cult of Koralian witches whom live in massive underground oxygen-caverns and perform grisly sacrifice of their people, The Dark Legion are also avid practitioners of cannibalism. The Dark Legion is greatly feared by both the government and the citizens of The Darwin Empire because of the fear of war they possess, and because of their tendency to begin uprisings against the government in recent years, details of such events are strictly forbidden to the media, however it is known that all outspoken Dark Legion members who directly oppose the government vanish without a trace. The exact number of those involved in The Dark Legion is unknown, however most were destroyed after the last uprising against the government.
Cyaqon Cyaqon is a small and rocky spherical moon, about 30km across. The moon Cyaqon orbits just outside of Gamboodor's ring system, keeping the planet's outer rings looking sharp and prominent. Cyaqon completes an orbit about every 30 days.
Tyther Tyther is a rather large spherical moon, at about 400km across. Tyther has a heavily cratered surface surrounded by a thin dusty atmosphere consisting mainly of helium. Tyther completes an orbit every 60 days.
Zaghor Zaghor is a small irregularly shaped object, only about 65km across. Zaghor, the outermost moon, in the Gamboodor system, and is a small icy world, where several robotic mining operations are underweigh for precious Xuron crystals which are believed to reside within the dense icy crust of the moon. Although the moon is uninhabited there are currently four robotic mining stations in the Western hemisphere, and currently one remote outpost station on the Northern Pole, that tracks the movement of space debris in the mid solar system. Zaghor completes an orbit about every 150 days.


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This solar system belongs to user 'gavino29'.


gehenna - may 31, 2015:
Nice, that chronology is awesome. Kudos.
thebigh - december 29, 2011:
Excellent. 😀

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