What's Galaxiki?

Galaxiki is a wiki based online galaxy that anyone can edit.

If consists of millions of stars, planets and moons that are editable.

You can describe planets, invent alien lifeforms and write your own science fiction stories.

Collaborate with other users and help to create a new online world.


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Galaxiki 2.0 - November 2010

Galaxiki 2.0 is the biggest update ever, with over 100 new features and enhancements. It's like an entirely new site, preserving all the good stuff there already was!


  • Galaxiki is now a real Social Network
  • Connect to friends and stay in touch with them
  • Post news on your own Microblog and tell your friends what you're doing
  • Get automated updates and news by our new Robots
  • Make changes to the solar system physics
  • Upload up to 1GB of photos and images
  • Join groups, attend events and like cool stuff
  • Manage your collection of books and DVDs online
  • Improved spam protection and quality management

Social Network

Galaxiki is now a real social network - you can connect to friends, join groups, attend events and tell others what you like.

You'll see what your friends are doing, which solar systems they're working on and you may easily share updates, news and information.


Each user now has a microblog, where you can tell what you're doing, how you feel or which solar systems you're currently editing for example. You may also post interesting news for example.

Your friends will automatically see your microblog posts on their home screen. You may also comment your friends posts and vice versa.

Galaxiki Robot

The new Galaxiki Robot is a virtul user who will keep you up to date. Robot will post information about updated solar systems, new users and anything else going on in our online galaxy, making it much easier to stay in touch with recent developments.

Galaxiki Robot updates will automatically appear in your microblog feed.

Solar system physics can be changed

This has been one of the "most wanted" features in the past, and now it's finally available: you may now change some of the solar system physics!

You can make changes to the size of the planet, to the water surface percentage, the axial tilt, the average temperature and the chemical composition of the atmosphere. And even more options are still to come!

Photos and images

All users may now upload up to 10 MB of photos and images, and as a solar system owner you'll even get an incredible 1 GB of disk space on Galaxiki!

You decide who will be able to see your photos later on - if they are private, if only your friends will be able to see them, if only registered users will be able to see them or if they are public.

You may also reuse your images to be displayed along with stars, planets and moons.

News Robot

The News Robot now posts interesting science fiction and astronomy related news on a regular basis, which means that Galaxiki also become a great site to stay in touch with the latest developments in these areas.

News updates will automatically appear in your microblog feed.

Groups, Events and Cool Stuff

You may now join or create groups, attend or announce events, or you may tell other users what you like by adding elements to the "Cool Stuff" section.

Books, DVDs and CDs

The books & media management module has been completely rewritten. Use this feature to manage your own personal collection of books, movies and TV series online, and allow other users to see what you're reading or watching.

This feature will be activated in November!

Spam protection & quality management

Spam and scam is always a problem on large community sites, including Galaxiki. Therefore we've implemented new spam protection technologies, and we've added features that allow our users to easily detect spam or spammers, plus tools to tell us where the spam can be found.

There's even more!

This list only contains the most important new features - while using the site you'll see that there are many, many more enhancements in all areas!

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