What's Galaxiki?

Galaxiki is a wiki based online galaxy that anyone can edit.

If consists of millions of stars, planets and moons that are editable.

You can describe planets, invent alien lifeforms and write your own science fiction stories.

Collaborate with other users and help to create a new online world.


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Galaxiki 2.5 - April-June 2011

Galaxiki 2.5 has taken us to the next level in early-mid 2011, offering over 100 new features, enhancements and bugfixes. It was be the biggest update since the successful launch of Galaxiki 2.0 in October/November 2010.

Galaxiki 2.5 feature list

  • get a personal solar system for only $1.-
  • ad-free site for solar system owners
  • new solar system search
  • star and planet names with spaces, dashes and periods
  • more editable physics (size, mass, density, ...)
  • change the number of moons on a planet
  • edit and display planetary rings
  • rate solar systems and leave comments
  • save your favourite solar systems, add personal notes
  • immediately see who edited a solar system
  • see edited solar systems on a users homepage
  • Newsfeeds showing edited systems
  • improved forum and blog
  • current status (what am I doing right now?)
  • new, flexible "like feature"
  • save favourite users, add personal notes
  • give awards to other users
  • see who's online
  • see who visited your profile
  • "stealth mode" will prevent other users to see you're visiting them

There's even more!

This list only contains the most important new features - while using the site you'll see that there are many, many more enhancements in all areas!

Galaxiki 2.0   2.5   3.0   explore   join   get your own solar system

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