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  • There are also binary stars, black holes, pulsars and neutron stars
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Buy a star in the Galaxiki Store. The online shop for all science fiction and fantasy lovers as well as for all space and astronomy addicts. Here you can buy a star in the Galaxiki science fiction online galaxy as well as scientific books, science fiction and fantasy movies and Galaxiki fashion wear.

Galaxiki is a community based online galaxy with over a million solar systems. As a site member (free membership) you can name and edit stars, planets and moons. Optionally you can buy a star and own a personal solar system. Of course there are also double star systems, black holes, pulsars and neutron stars. Buy a star and edit its planets and moons.

You may also offer a star to someone else - an ideal gift for friends, birthdays and space lovers. It's fast and easy: simply buy a star and transfer it to your friend. If you buy a star you can always decide to offer it as a gift later on.

In our movies and books shop you can find almost everything science fiction related, including popular movies and series as well as popular science books.

Also check out our fashion shop where you can buy Galaxiki t-shirts, longsleevs, jackets and accessoires. Buying articles from our movies and books store or from our fashion store helps us to keep this great science fiction site running and expanding, so thanks a lot in advance for your support!
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