What's Galaxiki?

Galaxiki is a Wiki based galaxy and Social Network for science fiction and astronomy fans.
Each wiki page corresponds to a solar system, a star, a planet, a moon or any other object in our virtual galaxy. Users and visitors can browse the galaxy, visit any location and enjoy solar systems edited by the community or related stories written by our users.
There are thousands of open solar systems that can be instantly named and edited by all community members. You may also get your own, personal solar system that only you will be able to edit by paying a small fee ($12.- or even less).
Use the Social Networking features to find friends, join groups and collaborate on solar system histories.
The galaxiki world is financed through private donations, object aquisitions (solar system sales) and (minimalistic) advertising. Membership is free, users contribute to the Galaxiki world by editing stellar information.

Experiencing problems?

Please do not contact us if you have questions about this site, except if you wish to transmit confidential information of if you're looking for a press contact. If you have general questions about the Galaxiki website or its services you should visit our help pages or take a look at our discussion forums on the community page.
As seen on...
Some photographies used on this site are by NASA, they are in the public domain.
Contact Joopita Research ASBL
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