Kyle Fawcett

username: king1178
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Selkor (TGK560)

Nova (QAA165)

Ninox (TGK559)

Zazong (TGK564)

Soll (THE035)

Dilex (TGK561)

Giganor (TGK565)

Xibos (TGK558)

Colidus (TGK566)

Duo (THE038)

Nevios (TGE911)

Neo (TGE914)

Kegan (THJ684)

Polos (THJ687)

Polltera (THJ686)

Kinune (TJD152)

Doradus (TJD156)

Viova (TJD154)

Leborus (TJD162)

Vulcara (TJD165)

Rebonu (THJ691)

Daya (TJD166)

Terox (THJ689)

Turin (THJ693)

Vector (THJ690)

Vibro (TJD157)

Vespena (TGE919)

Revos (TJD159)

Sebora (TJD161)

Zedite (TGE920)

Ctop (TGK562)

Zalar (TGE918)

Senya (TGE915)

Delcorta (TGE912)

Vontain (TGE913)

Ombras (TGE910)

Vestis (TGA363)

Sibil (TGK555)

Vostol (TGK552)

Centurak (TGK557)

Lekai (TGE908)

Javis (TGE907)

Gaigalus (TGE921)

Great Life Giver (TGA380)

Conquered Dawn 1 (TGA381)

Demonax (TGA378)

Digalos (TGK554)

Orvus (TGE917)

Terasin (THE041)

Nezrox (THE039)

Xegorva (TGK573)

Rezagon (TGK574)

Velder (TGK575)

Castellius (THE040)

Zebulan (THE043)

Moltov (THJ703)

Abyssal Maw (THJ702)

Triptain (THJ701)

Maxiz (THJ699)

Zesmor (TGA376)

Astatal (TGA379)

Auravos (THJ692)

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