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Planet Debele in system Ndebel (LFE289)

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The Conservatory of Music on Debele is held to be without rival. For any composer the chance to study at this centre, is a once in a life time chance to produce work to rival the output of any era and any place. The mere listing of random scattering of works composed here, such as Vincent Outclass's Dirge for the Pterpopod,, Betty Kilter's Three thousandth Symphony, The Untended Garden or even such populist light operettas as Skullduggery at the Slagheap hints at the sheer number of masterworks made possible by The Conservatory.
Strange then that the natives of Debele should have not capability for verbal communication. Indeed they make no use of sound in expression or communication. It could be that this explains the enormous "quiet" that one feels on entering Debele. The native life forms and fauna occasionally produce sound, but on a seemingly involuntary basis.
On some days the only audiology apparent on Debele is the sound of electro-tuba practice battling against the sound of wind and perhaps a visiting Findhornian Orchestral reworking of a traditional Uplifted marching tune.

This planet has 6 moons:
Debele #1 (no information available yet)
Debele #2 (no information available yet)
Debele #3 (no information available yet)
Debele #4 (no information available yet)
Debele #5 (no information available yet)
Debele #6 (no information available yet)


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