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Planet Keminos in system Kesp (MAB792)

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Keminos is the homeworld of an ancient and peaceful civilization who call themselves the Kespinai. They have lived through the death of their star, preserving Keminos from the star's red giant phase with advanced force-field technology and keeping it warm afterwards with a dodecahedral array of tiny artificial suns arranged around the planet. It must be noted that the artificial suns illuminating Keminos are only intended as a temporary solution. The Kespinai are currently attempting to add enough hydrogen to the brown dwarf star in the system to initiate self-sustaining fusion, and create an artificial red dwarf that will take the place of their dead sun. Where they're getting the hydrogen from is a mystery.

The Kespinai are four-armed bipedal creatures that range from 1.5 to 2.5 meters tall. They are hairless and slender, with large skulls and eyes, and a prominent facial proboscis that they use to extract nutrients from the soil. The Kespinai are genetically nearer to plants than animals and prefer a quiet, sedentary lifestyle. This explains why they have done little space travel. Kespinai live for many hundreds of years and reproduce by mingling the spores of two or more individuals in a warm puddle of water.

Politically the Kespinai are one nation governing itself with a vague, informal democracy. There are no real political parties, but there are two major philosophies in evidence. The majority of Kespinai are cautious, unadventurous and patient but a minority favour curiosity and quick action. Debates between these two groups are always amiable because the Kespinai by their nature treat debate as a means to look at a problem from every viewpoint rather than a contest of personalities. It is the latter faction that argued for the construction of the Keminatra vault, and the project to create a second star.

Keminos itself is a very old world and, geologically, almost dead. There are no more volcanoes and only infrequent, weak earthquakes. The planet has a single shallow ocean covering the southeastern hemisphere, and a large continent covering the rest of the planet- along with many little islands and lakes. The ancient, stately cities of the Kespinai are located mostly on the shores of the continent, and on the islands.

The planet has four moons. Three are very small and only the largest, Haim is bulky enough to raise tides.

Below is a picture of Keminos illuminated by its twenty artificial suns.

planet image

This planet has 4 moons:
Uru-dhal (no information available yet)
Uru-kantar (no information available yet)
Haim A large rocky satellite 1,101km in diameter. It orbits a long way from the planet, but is massive enough to raise tides on it and the tidal energy thus produced is one of the most important power sources for the Kespinai. Haim is tidally locked to the planet, and has been for billions of years. The near side is covered with ancient lava plains and the far side is extremely mountainous.
Hasha (no information available yet)


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