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Planet Nr in system Fr (NAC949)



Nr is home to an intelligent species. They do not have a name for themselves as they are a communal intelligence.

They are slow moving in the frigid temperatures of Nr, moving about their business in the almost permanent winter that covers the planet. Biologically most of the life on Nr uses chemosynthesis, not photosynthesis due to the distance to the sun. Life here evolved in the murky depths of the oceans near volcanic vents that gave enough energy to sustain life. It has evolved enough that the most intelligent and or hardy species were able to explore and eventually leave the warm waters.

The intelligent inhabitants of Nr resemble a smooth 0.5m (18in) disk with 42 small leg like projections around the edge (used for walking) and six pair of three sided pincher (used for grasping/manipulation.) Protruding from the center of the disk are three eyestalks, able to rotate enough that binocular vision is used in a 45 degree arc while monocular vision is used behind that arc. Most of the Nr inhabitants are a speckled or stripped pale white or yellowish color with a few ranging to light orange due to the sulfur compounds in the diet. The communal intelligence is transmitted from one to another via a very low band alpha wave emanating from silicon crystals within the brain.

They tend to gather each night in small villages located near water. Each morning they re enter the water in search of food and building materials. Technology is very low as the need for tools has not manifested yet, their pincers can do the work of many tools and are quite strong and tough. Snipping rocks in half is no trouble for them allowing them to shape things easily without metal tools. Being one mind, war is foreign to them as is all conflict between intelligent creatures. They do fight off larger creatures but not in an all out war.

This planet has 9 moons:
NAC949.2.1 (no information available yet)
NAC949.2.2 (no information available yet)
NAC949.2.3 (no information available yet)
NAC949.2.4 (no information available yet)
NAC949.2.5 (no information available yet)
NAC949.2.6 (no information available yet)
NAC949.2.7 (no information available yet)
NAC949.2.8 (no information available yet)
NAC949.2.9 (no information available yet)


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