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Planet Alari in system Marenight (RKJ219)

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This planet was strip mined in the past by early space faring Vanz. It is believed that it is used for weapons testing in more modern times.

Gapparin was taken to an old mine on this planet, to show him Vanz mining techniques. "My guide showed me various drills and devices that were apparently used for mining back in the Vanz's history. As a miner informed me of the various metals and ores the Vanz used and valued, I found it all going over my head. I am no miner. But I did pick up that modern Vanz mining is performed by robots, a fact I did not find surprising, given the dependancy of the Vanz on their robots in the other areas of Vanz life I have seen. More interesting than all this technical talk was the incident that occurred as my guide and I were making our way back to our shuttle. The horizon lit up with a pale green glow, and there were several flashes of bright red light. Alari has no atmosphere (I was in one of the large dome like structures that appear on most Vanz worlds I have visited), but if there was, I am sure there would have been a great bang. My guide refused to answer any questions on this event."

Basic Facts:
Status: Vanz Planet
Population: Estimated very low
Main Industry: Formally mining, currently assumed weapons testing
Accessibility: Very Low. There is no reason for any outsider to land on this planet, and so the Vanz have not allowed anyone other than Gapparin to do so.

This planet has 1 moons:
RKJ219.4.1 (no information available yet)


Planetary Orbits


This solar system belongs to user 'danansan'.


asuras - may 12, 2013:
nice 😀
dragonspice - october 23, 2012:
Very nice work.
nyx - july 18, 2011:
very enjoyable! looking forward to coming back and uncovering the mysteries!

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