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Interesting Galactic Systems

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  • Abarvos SGD197
  • Abarzan Alpha Capital of the Galactic Development Council SBC507
  • Abbah Capital of the Edonian Empire NKD095
  • Aserina-empire QGG685
  • Ale-Solaris Capital of The Ale-Turan Salespersons Alliance. LGE718
  • Aris Asedd LCK126
  • Bixitharus NDF070
  • Bozeau QEB446
  • Carbane LHC992
  • Caria WDJ641
  • Danansan DC Capital of the Confederation VHF860
  • Djia, The WGG085 Member of the Pact
  • Drunkards_Dream WFJ090
  • Eddington WDG190
  • Franklin MDH666
  • Gongle QKA554
  • Helioid SBD941
  • Ifferti TJC195
  • Galaxiki_Knowledge_Base
  • Jaskafoon VJK488 Need a vacation? Let the Shasta Reef enrich your soul before spending the evening in one of our exclusive beach-side bars at Jaskafoon Delta
  • KehlackMir QJE748
  • Kisalos WFK698 Member of the Pact
  • Krel TJC204
  • Kruguer QEG954
  • Laphizphuni PJF278 Irreverent and amusing, Douglas Adams meets Terry Pratchett, but with a mean streak. Who needs reality when you have a sense of humor?
  • Latanda LJK393
  • Lunaris PJK124
  • Majii MAJ020
  • Mallumar QCH067
  • Mattador LFE659
  • Monaris WKB567 A genetically modified subspecies of the Kazarii were planted here.
  • OrdaxSGA305 Peetah visited this world while searching for his species' ancestors.
  • Origine VJJ673 A cosmic horror love story in four planets
  • Ori Jhan VDH978: Central home world of the Beltherian Principle.
  • >Otokunya MEH074
  • Peace: Center of diplomacy in space. SBB789
  • Peoples Republic of Zion, The The centre of the Zionite Empire UGH116
  • Phoenix QJA852
  • Ratherus 013 LHF635
  • Sandoz: A quite lonely place in space. VCG117
  • Salatar VHB370
  • Security Base 1 LHC875
  • Sextant LHA196
  • Starpatch: A group of neighboring planets (minimum of six) which has a single owner, and have beings able to interact through interstellar travels.
  • Talarvos MEK663
  • Tlyus QAE345 A genetically modified subspecies of the Kazarii were planted here.
  • Varhnan VEB402
    See also Star Systems within the Galaxipedia.

    Galactic Distances, Examples of

    Solar system LAA643 is 67029 lightyears away from XAF283.
    Civilisations using conventional spaceship engines will need much more than 67029 years to travel from XAF283 to LAA643.
    Civilisations using Faster Than Light technology (FTL) will need less time, depending on the amount of available energy:

    FTL1: 67029 years
    FTL2: 8378 years
    FTL3: 2482 years
    FTL4: 1047 years
    FTL5: 536 years
    FTL6: 310 years
    FTL7: 195 years
    FTL8: 130 years
    FTL9: 91 years

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